Purchase Solved BIOS 225 Weekly Labs (Week 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6)


Purchase Solved BIOS 225 Weekly Labs Week 2 3 4 5 and 6


BIOS 225 Week 2 Lab: Transferring Microbes While Using Aseptic Technique
  • Purpose: To learn an aseptic technique to reduce the minimum contamination, while transferring bacteria from one place to another place by using an inoculating loop or a needle, as well as to isolate bacteria colonies using the streak method.

BIOS-225 Week 3 Lab: Kidney Filtration Simulation
  • Purpose: To understand how the kidney filters blood and removes waste from your blood and helps in maintaining homeostasis.

BIOS 225 Week 4 Lab: Gram Staining
  • Purpose: To properly perform staining procedures which are used to classify bacteria into two groups.

BIOS-225 Week 5 Lab: Transfusion Matching with Synthetic Blood Kit (Immunological Experiment)
  • Purpose: To determine which blood type carries which antigens.

BIOS 225 Week 6 Lab: Glycerinated Muscle System
  • Purpose: To observe the effects of salts and ATP on muscle cell contraction.

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