Purchase Solved CHEM 120 Unit 6 Quiz (100% Correct Solutions)


Purchase Solved CHEM 120 Unit 6 Quiz 100 Percent Correct Solutions


CHEM 120 Unit 6 Quiz (Feb 2021)
  1. Question: What nuclide is formed when Iodine-125 undergoes decay by electron capture?
  2. Question: Which of the following forms of radiation has no mass?
  3. Question: Which process increases the atomic number of an element by one?
  4. Question: Rank the … in order of increasing penetrating ability: alpha particles, beta particles, gamma rays.
  5. Question: Which nuclide is … when Gallium-68 decays by positron emission?
  6. Question: Radon-222 decays by alpha emission to form a new nuclide. Identify the new nuclide.
  1. Question: Predict the reaction that would result from the beta decay of Carbon-14 Be sure to identify all products in isotope form (4 points):
  2. Question: Glycogen falls in which category below:
  3. Question: A biomolecule is formed from the reaction of three … fatty acids with glycerol. Predict the resulting biomolecule:
  4. Question: Write three of the functions of lipids in our bodies. (1 point for each)
  5. Question: An isotope has a half-life of 8 hours. How many grams of a 140-gram sample of this material will remain after 16 hours? (3 points)

CHEM 120 Unit 6 Quiz (Dec 2020)
  1. Question: Bismuth (Bi) has a mass number of 214 and an atomic number of 83 and decays by beta emission. The product of this decay is
  2. Question: The pendant group in polystyrene is an
  3. Question: Which of the following statements about crystalline and amorphous is
  4. Question: Which physical state has the greatest entropy? _______ .
  5. Question: The fact that a heat pump requires energy to move heat from a colder object to a hotter object is a real-life observation of which thermodynamic law? _______ .
  6. Question: The process of positron emission can be considered as the _______.
  7. Question: Tin (Sn, with a mass number of 127 and an atomic number of 50, decays by beta emission. Identify the product of the nuclear reaction by providing its atomic symbol, mass number, and atomic number.

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