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Purchase Solved CIS115 Sample Quiz 7 – Student score

Purchase Solved CIS115 Sample Quiz 7-Student score


Write a pseudocode algorithm that opens a file called “studentScores.dat”, and then reads each of the real-valued scores in an array called “student scores”. Once the scores are stored in the array, search the array and find the lowest and highest score and store the values in a file called “score.dat”. There will never be more than 30 students in each class, and the sentinel value for the end of the file is =-9999.
Assume the following variables have been declared:
Declare Input studentScoresFile
Declare Output student data file
Declare real lowest
Declare real highest
Declare integer count
Declare real score
Declare real scores[30] (Points : 10)

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Purchase Solved CIS115 Sample Quiz 7 – Student score
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