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Purchase Solved CIS363A Lab 3


CIS363 Web Interface Design With Lab
Lab 3: Intermediate CSS, Box Model, and Page Layout

In this lab, you are going to create a “master” page template that uses responsive CSS (Bootstrap) to create a page layout that you can use as a template for all the pages on your websites, including the course project.
Create a web page that you will use as a template for the lab pages and your course project (and other assignments). Your page design/template shall have at a minimum (you can add additional elements if you like):
• Site master image/logo
• Navigation bar (orientation is up to you)
• Page image (image should reflect information on the page)
• Page header
• Main content
• Page footer.
Your template will use a responsive grid layout using Bootstrap.css and your custom CSS style sheet.
Your template and pages should be well-organized, informative, and attractive. But does not have to be “final” at this point, as your skills grow over the next couple of weeks you will be able to update your template for use in your final project.
Once you have the template created, you will recreate the Week 1 website and apply the template.

Deliverable Points
Form Design-includes all the required elements. 5
Template-page template implements the form design 10
Template-uses Bootstrap for the grid/responsive layout 5
The template is applied to the Week 1 website (Biography site) 5
Page Structure-all pages use the layout and contain appropriate information 5
Page structure/formatting–are attractive, well structured, with proper use of color 4
Page Images display correctly, are well sized, and appropriate 3
Navigation for all pages is linked and navigation works correctly. 3
Total 40

Lab Steps
Part A: Create the page layout design
1. Use a drawing tool, or hand draws the page layout.
Part B: Create the page template
1. Create a new project
2. Import the Bootstrap.css into the project
3. Create “myStyles.css” to define (at least) the following styles for your pages:
a. Body
i. Background color
ii. Font color
iii. Font family
b. Anchor links (visited, active, hover)
c. h1, h2, h3, h4 styles
d. content section borders, margins, and padding.
4. Using your design, Bootstrap.css responsive grid styles, and your “myStyles.css”, create the page template (including the strawman navigation structure)
Part C: Create the Website
1. Using the template modify each of the pages you created for the Week 1 “Biography” website.
2. Update the navigation
3. Upload the files to the Web server.
Submit Deliverables
1. Zip up all your project files into a single zip file and submit the zip file.
2. Provide a link to your site in the comments section or paste the link into a separate MS Word document and attach the Word document.

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