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Purchase Solved COUC 506 Quiz 2

Purchase Solved COUC 506 Quiz 2


  1. According to the lecture, if someone were asked: “What is spirituality?”, how would they answer if they were coming from a post-modern point of view?
  2. From the lecture discussion of the METAMORPH Grid, what is a true statement below?
  3. From the lecture, when we define Christian counseling as a spiritual enterprise, what can we say?
  4. The lecture talked about “hospitality” as one way for a counselor to respond to suffering. How might a counselor exercise hospitality?
  5. What propels a level of professionalism in Christian counseling?
  6. The lectures talked about creating “free space” in the process of counseling suffering
  7. What is a true statement from that discussion?
  8. If we take into account the Formation Field approach to spiritual formation in our counseling, what is true?
  9. What is the idea behind the faith tradition vs. the formation tradition in the context of spirituality; why is focusing on our formation tradition important in counseling?
  10. Although a counselor cannot magically make suffering disappear, how might a counselor provide immediate relief?
  11. With regard to how a counselor’s temperament affects counseling, what can we say?
  12. How does the rate-limiting factor mentioned in the lecture and by McMinn relate to counseling?
  13. The lecture talked about internal dissonance as one reason for personal suffering. What can we say about that?
  14. From the lecture, McMinn discusses “Three Continuous Assessment Dimensions.” Which statement below is NOT one of them?
  15. When clients come to a Christian counselor expecting to have “spirituality” included in counseling, what must we keep in mind?
  16. Which list below provides some of the best suggestions for building a therapeutic relationship in a Christian counseling session?
  17. In providing hospitality to a suffering client, and providing solidary to him/her, what is true?
  18. All of the models of spiritual formation have one of the same elements, which is?
  19. In counseling suffering people, what principle is true from the lectures?
  20. What would a counselor do as an “engineer” as relates to multi-tasking in Christian counseling?
  21. What is the main insight in Nouwen’s polarities model?
  22. Considering the lecture discussion of the five roles of a Christian counselor, we find that the role of “participant” has characteristics similar to establishing “solidarity” mentioned in a different lecture.
  23. According to the lecture, the fact that psychologists sometimes talk about “spirituality” gives affirmation to the yearning for experiences that all people seem to have.
  24. We can be “pleasantly inflexible” in our counseling by holding on to our foundational set of beliefs.
  25. The key idea of spirituality is to have a unified life
  26. In counseling suffering clients, looking at body language may help you identify some of your client’s faulty thinking about suffering.
  27. Clarifying your role as a counselor can actually contribute to healing for a suffering client.
  28. It is not really important that clients understand the meaning behind their suffering.
  29. The counselor must assess whether the client’s view of there is healthy or unhealthy.
  30. Attachment interactions become internalized and stored in the emotional brain, providing a template for one’s core beliefs of self and others and shaping one’s adult emotional regulation styles and relationship styles.
  31. Loving, affirming relationships make a difference in every aspect of our lives— emotionally, spiritually, and physically.


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