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Purchase Solved COUC 515 Quiz Process Methods

Purchase Solved COUC 515 Quiz Process Methods


COUC 515 Quiz: Process, Methods, and Inferential Statistics

  1. In the context of the issue of confidentiality, if someone other than the experimenter will have access to data, this should be explained to the participants along with plans for maintaining the confidentiality
  2. Nominal data involved the use of variables that have been rank ordered.
  3. Counselors have a responsibility to conduct research that contributes to the welfare of their clients. This statement corresponds to the ethical principle of
  4. When reporting results, it is a researcher’s responsibility to:
  5. Which of the following courses of action is recommended in order to assess and weigh the risk/benefit ratio of a study?
  6. Ordinal data is distinguished by having the characteristics of both identity and magnitude
  7. The discussion section in a research report includes a summary of the findings of the study in the context of prior research and theory, an overview of study limitations, future directions, and implications
  8. According to the hourglass format of writing a research report, the _____ section is depicted at the bottom of the hourglass.
  9. Which of the following components of a research paper includes an overview of the study’s limitations?
  10. The method section in a research report should ideally include a:
  11. A great deal of research in counseling involves extending the results of previous research
  12. Identify the main component in the process of selecting a research topic and developing a research idea into a testable hypothesis.
  13. Which of the following is considered riskier for inexperienced counselors and researchers?
  14. Which of the following is a reason to pay particular attention to the discussion section of articles when specifying research questions and hypotheses?
  15. explore the degree to which two or more research constructs are related or vary together.
  16. An experimental laboratory study relies upon the researcher setting up a situation to resemble one that is naturally occurring rather than observing participants in real-life settings.
  17. Which of the following is a characteristic of descriptive laboratory studies?
  18. Gelso’s bubble hypothesis states that:
  19. In statistical tests, an alternative hypothesis states that there is no relationship between the variables in the study.
  20. In a true experimental design:
  21. The construct validity of a study is concerned with:
  22. Technically, a population consists of the observations or scores of the people, rather than the people themselves.
  23. Technically, a(n) _____ is a subset of the target population.
  24. Karen is interested in studying the prevalence of suicidal ideation in her clients who are suffering from schizophrenia. She selects a random sample from the list of clients she had treated in the previous year. Although she engages in the random selection of participants, when she begins to analyze her data, she realizes that the clients in her sample are generally younger than those who did not participate in the study. This finding:
  25. Which of the following is a characteristic of early research on ethnic minorities?


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