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Purchase Solved ENGL 333 Quiz 6

Purchase Solved ENGL 333 Quiz 6


  1. Dependent clauses can be adverbials.
  2. Adverbs are like adjectives in that they modify nouns.
  3. Good topic continuity in English writing is helped by:
  4. To show one’s ability to successfully integrate information, it is important to properly introduce and conclude whatever one writes.
  5. In the sentence “The two kids were in a hurry”
  6. A common grammar mistake in English writing is a lack of number agreement.
  7. Subordinate conjunction can signal an adverbial.
  8. In the sentence “She is very tall”:
  9. “And” is a conjunctive adverb.
  10. Generally, an adjectival modifier is found in one of two places: immediately before or immediately after the modified noun.
  11. The sentence “He is a worldly person” has an adverb.
  12. In the sentence “That rabbits multiply so fast worries people”:
  13. Adverbs:
  14. A conjunctive adverb can be a subordinating conjunction.
  15. Parallelism:

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