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Purchase Solved HIST 405 Discussion Questions Week 1-7

Purchase Solved HIST 405 Discussion Questions Week 1-7


HIST 405 Week 1 Discussion Post 1 – The Cost of Expansion
HIST-405 Week 1 Discussion Post 2 – Colonial Identities

HIST 405 Week 2 Discussion Post 1 – The American Revolution
HIST-405 Week 2 Discussion Post 2 – Confederation and Constitution

HIST 405 Week 3 Discussion Post 1 – The Market Revolution
HIST-405 Week 3 Discussion Post 2 – Manifest Destiny

HIST 405 Week 4 Assignment: United States Constitution
HIST-405 Week 4 Discussion Post 1 – The Civil War
HIST 405 Week 4 Discussion Post 2 – Reconstruction

HIST 405 Week 5 Discussion Post 1 – America and the Industrial Revolution
HIST-405 Week 5 Discussion Post 2 – Imperialism and America

HIST 405 Week 6 Discussion Post 1 – The Great Depression
HIST-405 Week 6 Discussion Post 2 – World War II

HIST 405 Week 7 Discussion Post 1 – The Cold War and America
HIST-405 Week 7 Discussion Post 2 – Terrorism in the 21st Century


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Purchase Solved HIST 405 Discussion Questions Week 1-7
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