Purchase Solved Liberty CJUS 420 Exam 1


Purchase Solved Liberty CJUS 420 Exam 1

  1. In a police report, the majority of statements should be:
  2. The initial contact with law enforcement in a criminal investigation is usually made between a citizen and a(n):
  3. Which type of photograph would best capture the immediate crime scene and the location of objects in the area or room?
  4. Which type of camera is most likely to cause privacy issues?
  5. A fact is:
  6. Words that have an emotional effect, such as wept or blubbered, are called:
  7. Photographs should be taken in the following order:
  8. When organizing notes for a police report, officers should:
  9. One of the disadvantages of photographs is that they:
  10. A major advance is the ability of computer software to stitch together digital photos of 189 degrees or more to create one 360-degree photo – a panoramic view of a crime scene that is interactive, allowing viewers, including jury members, to walk through it as though they were there. This type of 360-degree photographic view is called:
  11. Which process helps detectives use maps to understand the hunting patterns of serial criminals, to determine where they might live, and to identify their next likely target?
  12. Determining the optimal case management assignment load, determining what factors are needed to solve crimes, and reducing the number of crimes assigned for an investigation that cannot be solved are all ways to increase:
  13. Showing the relationship between evidence on the walls and floors of a room, by flattening out the walls on a sketch, allowing the viewer to look straight down into the sketch, is best done using which of the following methods?
  14. Slanting, that is, including only one side of a story or only facts that tend to prove or support the officer’s theory, can make a report:
  15. Crime mapping focuses on:
  16. Crime scene photographs are:
  17. Which is associated with some of the common problems with police reports?
  18. Which are permanent written records of the facts of a case to be used in further investigation, in writing reports, and in prosecuting the case?
  19. In which direction should the top of a sketch be oriented?
  20. Which term describes a logical process in which a conclusion follows from specific facts?
  21. According to a national video forensic expert, what is the “new DNA for law enforcement”?
  22. These cameras are specially constructed to take pictures of fingerprints without distortion. They provide their own light through four bulbs, one in each corner. Removing a bulb from any corner provides slanted lighting to show fingerprint ridge detail. They are:
  23. A criminal’s modus operandi involves the details of:
  24. Which of the following statements is most accurate?
  25. The words apparently or appeared can be used to:
  26. Which of the following is a disadvantage of photographs?
  27. Photographs should be taken:
  28. A sketch drawn or personally witnessed by an investigator that accurately portrays a crime scene and that is allowed into evidence is:
  29. Which of the following does a crime scene sketch accomplish?
  30. Sketch all serious crime and crash scenes:
  31. A logical process of investigation includes:
  32. The photographic technique in which a scene is photographed clockwise, with the first picture showing a specific object on one side of the photograph and the next picture showing the same objects on the opposite side of the photograph, is called:
  33. Which of the following statements is a concise statement?
  34. The main problem with night photography is:
  35. According to the text, when both the public and other professionals within the justice system have unrealistic expectations of investigators’ abilities, law enforcement agencies are said to be suffering from
  36. Because definitions of crimes and their penalties vary considerably depending on where they occur, investigators must be familiar with:
  37. Who is most likely to read an investigative report?
  38. The act of sifting through the mountains of available information to find the data that pertains to an investigator’s case is referred to as:
  39. Precinct field-based reporting system:
  40. Problem-oriented policing places a high value on new responses that are more:
  41. In cases where officers were not able to complete the investigation, what may be required?
  42. The most important step in report writing is to:
  43. Which of the following is true of writing completed in the active voice?
  44. Words that have a little emotional effect, for example, cried, are called:
  45. A common mistake often found in police reports is using the phrase:
  46. Those tasked with videotaping a crime scene in many agencies fail to provide:
  47. What is a frequent objection when photographs are used in court?
  48. Citizen Online Report Writing is appropriate for:
  49. Due process disclosure of what type of evidence must be determined and made by the prosecutor?
  50. Which approach to case investigation involves using specialists in various fields from within a particular jurisdiction?
  51. Which type of photography may be best for extensive, large-scale, outside areas?
  52. Being concise means to:
  53. The Handbook of Forensic Science recommends when taking photographs/videotapes, the investigator should:
  54. According to the Handbook of Forensic Science, what should be used when photographing latent prints?
  55. Admissible photographs must be:
  56. Spontaneous statements uttered by a suspect at the time of a crime, concerning and closely related to actions involved in the crime, are:
  57. Which Latin word means “to track” or “trace” and relates most closely to contemporary police investigations?
  58. Providing proof that the image introduced into evidence is the same image taken at the crime scene is referred to as:
  59. The Bertillon identification system includes:
  60. Which statement is one of the components of CompStat?
  61. Medical examiners and coroners (ME/C) have the authority to investigate deaths and determine whether they were:
  62. When taking notes, the investigator should
  63. Other than writing reports, first responders spend the majority of their time:
  64. Whose staff can provide information and advice to investigators about legal issues, search and seizure, warrants, confessions, and admissibility of evidence?
  65. What type of response time is necessary to increase the probability of arrest at the scene?
  66. What should be photographed first?
  67. According to the text, most cases that are lost are lost during which part of the investigation?
  68. Notes are:
  69. Which of the following statements is in the first person?
  70. Critical aspects of a successful investigation include thorough planning and preparation, efficient information management, a focus on effective communication, and a(n):


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