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Purchase Solved Liberty University AVIA 105 Quiz 1-2-3

Purchase Solved Liberty University AVIA 105 Quiz 1-2-3


Quiz 1

  1. Wilbur Wright explained that his active interest in aeronautical problems dates back to:
  2. On what date did the Wright Brothers first succeed at a sustained, controlled, heavier-than-air flight?
  3. According to Wilbur Wright, which man not only thought, but acted; and in so doing probably made the greatest contribution to the solution of the flying problem that has ever been made by any one man?
  4. Unwilling to unveil their technology without the protection of a patent and a contract for the sale of airplanes, the Wright brothers did not make public flights until 1908, at which point they emerged as the first great international heroes of the century.
  5. In what city was the Wright Brothers’ bicycle shop located?

Quiz 2

  1. The first transcontinental air mail route connects which two coastal cities?
  2. Which type of NOTAMs are issued by the National Flight Data Center and contain information that is regulatory about flight including, but not limited to, changes to charts, procedures, and airspace usage?
  3. Which piece of legislation charged the Secretary of Commerce with fostering air commerce, issuing and enforcing air traffic rules, licensing pilots, certificating aircraft, establishing airways, and operating and maintaining aids to air navigation?
  4. The first scheduled airline flight connected which two cities?
  5. In which of the following instances would a NOTAM NOT be issued?
  6. In addition to accident investigation and the enforcement of aviation regulations, the FSDO is also responsible for the certification and surveillance of air carriers, air operators, flight schools/training centers, and airmen including pilots and flight instructors.
  7. Which of the following resources is considered the official guide to basic flight information and ATC procedures for the aviation community flying in the national airspace system of the United States?
  8. Which division of the FAA promotes safe air transportation by setting the standards for certification and oversight of airmen, air operators, air agencies, and designees?
  9. The Instrument Procedures Handbook is designed as a technical reference for professional pilots who operate under IFR in the NAS and expands on information contained in the Instrument Flying Handbook.
  10. Which agency was responsible for the economic regulation of the airlines?

Quiz 3

  1. Under which regulation does the FAA have oversight of aircraft facilities, and training curricula?
  2. The minimum age to obtain a restricted ATP is:
  3. A current commercial pilot must possess a current-class medical certificate.
  4. In referencing an aircraft approved for aerobatic flight, we are referencing:
  5. A flight school providing flight training under which regulation is subject to more FAA oversight?
  6. What is the maximum number of passengers a recreation pilot can carry in an aircraft?
  7. The sport pilot certificate does not list aircraft category and class ratings.
  8. Which of the following is a heavier-than-air aircraft that depends principally for its support in flight on the lift generated by one or more rotors?
  9. Commercial pilots without an instrument rating are restricted to daytime flights within 25 NM when flying for hire.
  10. Under which regulation is flight training more flexible for the student?


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