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Purchase Solved Liberty University COUC 521 Quiz 4

Purchase Solved Liberty University COUC 521 Quiz 4

  1. Orientation sessions given to individuals prior to testing provide information about:
  2. The best way for a counselor to familiarize himself/herself with a test is to:
  3. ______________ instruments may be used by practitioners who have a graduate degree in psychology, counseling, education, or related disciplines; or have completed specialized training or coursework in assessment; or have licensure or certification documenting training and experience in assessment.
  4. All of the following are examples of practical issues that should be considered when evaluating and selecting assessment instruments, except:
  5. The most cost-effective method of administering assessment instruments is ______________.
  6. Information about instruments that are not commercially available may be found in which of the following?
  7. A source of assessment instrument information that may present a biased picture of the instrument is the:
  8. To purchase a(n) ____________ instrument, a practitioner must have a bachelor’s degree in psychology, human services, education, or related disciplines; training or certification relevant to assessment; or practical experience in the use of assessment instruments.
  9. An instrument is considered ____________ if differences in results are attributable to demographic variables (e.g., gender, race, ethnicity, culture, age, language, geographic region, etc.) rather than to the construct being measured.
  10. Tests that are administered by examinees reading the instructions themselves and then taking the test are ________________________ tests.
  11. Inventories and checklists typically used in clinical assessment fall under what umbrella of test categories?
  12. All of the following are likely to be measured during a neuropsychological assessment EXCEPT:
  13. Which of the following best describes the typical use/ administration of the Mental Status Exam (MSE) in clinical (non-inpatient) settings?
  14. What is the primary purpose of a structured interview?
  15. With regard to best practices and multicultural considerations, what should you, the clinician, DO as part of the clinical assessment?
  16. Why is it crucial for mental health professionals to be skilled in Suicide Risk Assessment?
  17. Susan has recently been diagnosed with Cluster A Personality Disorder. Which of the following is her diagnosis?
  18. The following is an excerpt from Tom’s written MSE of a new client: “The client presented as somewhat disheveled and unkempt, but was cooperative and friendly. The client was aware of the date, time, and place, and reported no hallucinations or delusions.” All of the following MSE categories were noted in this excerpt EXCEPT:
  19. Rachel presents with the following symptoms: excessive worry, constant feeling of “tense,” and sleep disturbances. She further reports smoking marijuana occasionally to help her relax. Which combination of tests would probably be most appropriate as part of Rachel’s initial clinical assessment?
  20. In clinical assessment via informal observation, according to the text, the first element of the observation process is the?


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