Purchase Solved NR 603 Week 4 APEA Predictor Exam Review (Q&A)


Purchase Solved NR 603 Week 4 APEA Predictor Exam Review Q and A


  1. A patient reported that she is taking kava regularly for anxiety with the results. What should the nurse practitioners evaluate?
  2. A person with 20/80 vision:
  3. One exception to the recommendation to limit dietary fat intake
  4. The most effective treatment for anemia of chronic disease is:
  5. Salicylates and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents have all of the following actions EXCEPT-
  6. Which of the following does NOT increase a woman’s risk of developing cervical cancer?
  7. All of the following principles apply to drug therapy for elders except
  8. A female patient believes that she was exposed to HIV through sexual intercourse several months ago. She asks for “the test for AIDS.” Which statement is NOT correct?
  9. The nurse practitioner teaches the parents of a 2-month-old infant with GERD that treatment typically includes all of the following interventions except
  10. A widowed 85-year-old was recently moved from her home of 65 years to a bedroom in her daughter’s home. According to reports by family members, she is now “cantankerous” gets “mixed up” easily, and cries for no apparent reason. Factors in the client’s history that are consistent with delirium may include all of the following except
  11. The two tests that can indicate current infection with hep B are:
  12. A characteristic of elders which affects the pharmacotherapeutics of drug therapy in that population is an increase in
  13. An elder’s caretaker is planning the elder’s menu. The elder is on a bland diet. The nurse practitioner reviews the meal plans and notes which of the following is NOT appropriate.
  14. The leading cause of death from injury in childhood is
  15. Therapeutic International normalized ratio (INR) for a patient taking warfarin (coumadin) for chronic atrial fibrillation is expected to be:
  16. The most accepted recommendation regarding skin cancer prevention is:
  17. Antibiotic administration has been demonstrated to be of little benefit in the treatment of which of the following disease processes?
  18. An anxious parent brings her three-day-old female infant to see the nurse practitioner because of the serosanguineous vaginal discharge. The nurse practitioner tells the mother:
  19. A common finding associated with temporal arteritis is:
  20. What information would best help the parent who is concerned about a school-age child eating habits?
  21. Which of the following scenarios in a 75-year-old patient would be inappropriately managed in an outpatient setting (i.e. the patient should be referred for hospital admission)?
  22. A patient with diabetes brings his glucose diary from the past seven days for the nurse practitioner to review and evaluate. What changes should be made? Day one through
  23. Appropriate nutritional guidance for the pregnant patient is:
  24. The most successful patient interview is likely to:
  25. RhoGAM is not administered to an Rh-negative mother with negative anti-d antibodies
  26. The most common presentation of thyroid cancer is
  27. A benign thyroid nodule, that’s painless presents as SMOOTH
  28. Initial treatment of a child presenting with a severe head injury is:
  29. Which red blood cell (RBC) index is most useful for differentiating types of anemias?
  30. A 31-year-old female is informed that her pregnancy test is positive, and she is about three weeks pregnant. The nurse practitioner is very concerned about the patient’s reported history of alcohol use. She correctly tells the patient that babies born to women who drink alcohol during pregnancy are at risk for all of the following except:
  31. According to Erikson, the developmental task of the early adult is:
  32. The parents of a two-year-old Report that she is not saying any words, but makes sounds, babbles, and understands simple commands from her parents. The parents are not concerned. The nurse practitioner responds:
  33. Which group is considered to be at high risk for the development of testicular tumors?
  34. An urgent call is received from a patient’s wife who states that her husband is having chest pain I’m relieved by three nitroglycerin tablets. The nearest hospital is 40 minutes away. Besides having the patient reach the hospital as soon as possible, what intervention can the nurse practitioners suggest might influence a positive outcome?
  35. Which of the following postpartum mothers should receive RhoGAM (BayRho-D) to prevent Rh iso-immunization?
  36. A patient with a history of alcohol abuse presents with acute nausea, vomiting, and severe retrosternal pain that radiates to the back. Based on the most probable diagnosis, the nurse practitioner would appropriately order a CBC, chemistry profile, and:
  37. A female patient asks, “how do I calculate my ideal body weight?” The nurse practitioner’s response:
  38. A 35-year-old woman with prior history of extreme nervousness has been treated with diazepam (valium) for four weeks. She reports improvement. Today her pulse is 112bpm and her blood pressure is 130/92 mmHg. She is 5’4” in weighs 105 pounds. What is the most likely diagnosis?
  39. Which of the following is not a common early sign of benign prosthetic hyperplasia (BPH)?
  40. Acute idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura (ITP) is most commonly seen in childhood following:
  41. The nurse practitioner diagnosed epididymitis in a 24-year-old sexually active male patient. The drug of choice for the treatment of this patient is:
  42. A 55-year-old man is … with basal cell carcinoma. The nurse practitioner correctly tells him:
  43. A characteristic of delirium that is typically absent and dementia is:
  44. A 42-year-old male executive has been … with depression. He is otherwise healthy. An appropriate initial treatment choice is a:
  45. the CAGE/ AUDIT questionnaire is useful to assess the:
  46. A 16-year-old athlete complains of pain underneath his heel every time he walks. There is a verrucous surface level with the skin of the heel. What pharmacologic intervention should the nurse practitioner … for this patient?
  47. Previously … elderly patients should receive tetanus and diphtheria (Td) boosters every:
  48. The nurse practitioner is canceling a young woman who desires pregnancy. She … her oral contraceptives months ago. Her urine pregnancy test is negative. She expresses concern that she might have an infertility problem. The nurse practitioner accurately tells her that a couple is not … infertile until there has been … intercourse without conception for what period of time?
  49. When a patient presents with symptoms of acute gallbladder disease, what is the appropriate nurse practitioner action?
  50. An eight-year-old female has been brought to the nurse practitioner on five occasions in the past nine weeks with a complaint of abdominal pain. The evaluation each time is negative, but her mother is … the child is truly experiencing pain. The most likely diagnosis is:
  51. What is the most common cause of Cushing’s syndrome?
  52. Which of the following maternal situations is … an absolute contraindication to breastfeeding?
  53. A three-year-old male patient is being … by a nurse practitioner for frequent respiratory infections and fatigue. His laboratory test show thrombocytopenia, granulocytopenia, and anemia. Which of the following is consistent with these lab bindings?
  54. Factors known to … with early sexual activity include:
  55. A 26-year-old female presents with elbow pain that is … as aching in burning. There is point tenderness along the lateral aspect of the elbow and painful passive flexion and extension. She reports she has been playing tennis almost daily for the past month. The most likely diagnosis is:
  56. A two-year-old African-American child is being … by the nurse practitioner. His clinical appearance and history are consistent with sickle cell anemia. What is the appropriate laboratory test to diagnose sickle cell anemia?
  57. Which activities are not characteristic of preschool children?
  58. What type of question is most useful when opening an interview?
  59. All of the following agents/ medication classes are generally … in pregnancy except:
  60. A 35-year-old female with a history of mitral valve prolapse is scheduled for routine dental cleaning. According to the 2007 American Heart Association’s guidelines for endocarditis prophylaxis, what would you advise this patient?
  61. What diabetic complications result from hyperglycemia?
  62. Which of the following diagnostic assessments must … before developing any plan of care for a 27-year-old female presenting to a family practice clinic?
  63. The process by which a professional association confers recognition that a … professional has … mastery of a … body of knowledge and skills is termed:
  64. A 15-year-old male has a history of cryptorchidism which was surgically repaired. Because of this information, it is essential for a nurse practitioner to teach him about:
  65. A 30-year-old female comes into a clinic with classic signs and symptoms of appendicitis. The nurse practitioner fails to refer the patient to tree surgeon. D appendix … and the woman dies. This is an example of the:
  66. An elderly patient is being seen in the clinic for a complaint of “weak spells” … by sitting or lying down. The nurse practitioner checks the patient’s blood pressure while he is lying, sitting, and standing. The nurse practitioner suspects:
  67. The nurse practitioner knows that the frail elderly alright high risk for malnutrition. Indicators of malnutrition in this population … all of the following except:
  68. The patient reports, “something flew in my eyes” about an hour ago while he was splitting logs. If there was a foreign body in his eye, the nurse practitioner would expect to find all except:
  69. Inappropriate initial treatment for external genital warts … by human papillomavirus (HPV) in a non-pregnant patient is:
  70. A new patient presents to the nurse practitioner clinic stating she wants a second opinion. She … propylthiouracil (PTU, Propyl-Thyracil) 75 mg three times today a week ago as therapy for newly … Graves’ disease. She still feels irritable and jittery. How should the nurse practitioner respond?
  71. What advice should be given to the parents of an infant at risk for SIDS?
  72. A six-month-old patient with type III metatarsus adductus (i.e., rigid and does not correct to neutral) should be … with:
  73. The patient should … purchase the same brand name for each of the following drugs except:
  74. Which activity during the first trimester could be deleterious to the fetus?
  75. The mother of an 18-month-old child is in the office. She is not yet … her child because the child’s grandmother “doesn’t believe in that.” The nurse practitioner should:
  76. The nurse practitioner is conducting a routine health assessment of a 28-year-old patient. He states he is very “Health conscious” and that he ran 6 miles daily. He denies current Health problems and his past medical history is unremarkable. Routine urinalysis reveals proteinuria. What is the most likely cause of proteinuria?
  77. What is the earliest age that MMR immunization can …?
  78. The nurse practitioner examines a six-year-old who has had a sore throat and fever for less than 24 hours. Based on the most common cause of pharyngitis in this age group, the most appropriate action is to:
  79. Physical examination findings consistent with emphysema include all of the following:
  80. Which choice below is not a contraindication to receiving diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus (DPT) vaccine?
  81. All of the following are … in the differential diagnosis of hyperthyroidism except:
  82. A middle-aged patient has a history of smoking, chronic cough, and sputum production. He reports chronic dyspnea. A diagnosis of COPD should … with:
  83. A patient requests information about foods to include in his diet while vacationing in Mexico to avoid “Montezuma’s revenge.” The nurse practitioner should advise him to ingest only:
  84. An eight-month-old male presents with hemarthrosis of both knees and hematuria. The parents gave no history of trauma but say “he has always … easily.” The most likely diagnosis is:
  85. Of the following for malpractice issues for which an APRN may incur liability, which is the most prevalent cause of action?
  86. Which of the following factors is (are) … incidence of cervical cancer?
  87. Following the finding of prostate gland abnormalities on DRE, the nurse practitioner orders appropriate labs. When preparing to view lab reports with the patient, and Nurse practitioner knows all of the following are true except:
  88. Which characteristic is not indicative of heart failure?
  89. A 32-year-old male patient complains of urinary frequency and burning on urination for three days. Urinalysis reveals bacteriuria and positive nitrates. He denies any past history of urinary tract infections. The initial treatment should be:
  90. On transillumination of the scrotum, the nurse practitioner identifies a hydrocele in a three-month-old infant. What course of action should be taken?
  91. Which of the following is an appropriate drug for the initial treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) in adults?
  92. The major health risk … with oral contraceptive therapy is?
  93. The most effective treatment of primary and secondary encopresis focuses on:
  94. A 55-year-old male patient complains of blood in his urine for the past two weeks. He denies dysuria. Urinalysis is positive for red blood cells and negative for leukocytes and nitrates. The initial evaluation of this patient should include:
  95. A 50-year-old non-smoker with no comorbidities presents to the clinic and is … with community … pneumonia. His vital signs are normal except for his temperature of 101.6°F. a sputum specimen is … and sent for culture and sensitivity. What action should the nurse practitioner take today?
  96. Influenza vaccine should be given annually to all persons 65 years or older, anti-persons six months or older who are And chronic care facilities, or who suffer chronic cardiopulmonary disorders, metabolic disorders, hemoglobinopathies, or immunosuppression.
  97. Simple cases of impetigo and folliculitis are usually successfully … with:
  98. A patient on oral contraceptives reports that she has forgotten to take her pill the last two days in A row. What should you advise her? 1-take two tablets daily for the next two days, then … a regular schedule. 2-begin a new compact of tablets starting the first day of the next cycle. 3-use an additional method of contraception for the rest of the pill pack.4-take one tablet, discard the second and continue as scheduled.
  99. A three-year-old has …, warm, tender cervical lymph nodes, indicating:
  100. A 62-year-old female has been … with osteoporosis. She refuses hormone replacement therapy as well as new medication shown to increase bone density. Important education for this patient should include:
  101. Tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs) and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) have … efficacy in the treatment of each of the following conditions except:
  102. Which finding below would be unusual for any patient with diabetic retinopathy?
  103. A two-year-old child is … with Hemophilus influenza type B. The child’s parents will not allow any of their children to … There are two other children in the home, ages one year and three years, how should the nurse practitioner manage contacts?
  104. Atenolol (Tenormin) should … in:
  105. The result of the Weber tuning fork test is the lateralization of sound to the right ear. This finding indicates:
  106. A male patient with chronic atrial fibrillation takes a generic brand of Coumadin (warfarin). He should report all of these to his healthcare provider except:
  107. The side effect of the medroxyprogesterone (depo-Provera) that often leads women to discontinue use is:
  108. The mother of a two-week-old infant with hypospadias requested circumcision for her infant. The nurse practitioner’s best response to this mother should be:
  109. A patient complains of “stomach pains” on and off for the past month. In distinguishing between a gastric and duodenal ulcer, what question is least important to ask?
  110. Enlargement of the scrotum and testes with little change in the size of the penis characterizes which tanner stage of sexual development?
  111. Which of the following ecchymotic lesions in a four-year-old patient most likely represents a possible bleeding disorder:
  112. The mother of a six-month-old infant … about the use of an infant walker. The most appropriate response is to:
  113. The developmental task for the family of an adolescent is to:
  114. Which of the following diseases is not … trans placentally?
  115. A two-year-old has iron deficiency anemia and has not had an increase in hemoglobin for the past three months despite Iron supplementation. The nurse practitioner should:
  116. A 38-year-old penicillin allergy patient has folliculitis on A … part of his face. The nurse practitioner prescribes erythromycin and tells the patient:
  117. A 45-year-old male is … with hypertension. His blood pressure has been gradually increasing over time, with a reading today of 152/98. Diagnostic studies are normal. The most likely diagnosis for this patient is:
  118. Which of the following signs and symptoms are typical of hypothyroidism?
  119. The most common… method for prostate cancer screening in a 55-year-old man is:
  120. An obese 43-year-old has had recurrent superficial fungal skin infections over the past two years. Today, she presents with intertriginous candida. Her skin is … from frequent rubbing and scratching. The plan of care should include:
  121. If a 37-year-old female patient with A history of a single episode of depression and frequent complaints of PMS is being … for hypothyroidism. Today she complains of poor concentration and fatigue. The nurse practitioner should:
  122. Which of the following drugs has a beneficial effect on benign prosthetic hyperplasia?
  123. A patient that has 20/80 Visual acuity can see:
  124. The goals of treatment for patients with alcohol abuse disorder are:
  125. The nurse practitioner correctly teaches the patient with diabetes mellitus that if blood glucose is less than 100mg/dl (5.6 mmol/L) prior to exercise, the patient should first consume 15 g of carbohydrates, such as:
  126. Characteristics of prescription and OTC drug use in the elder population include all of the following:
  127. Acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) is usually … by:
  128. Subsequent to successful completion of the nurse practitioner certification exam, the candidate is … to be:
  129. An obese hyperlipidemic patient, newly … with type II diabetes mellitus has fasting blood glucose values of 180 to 250 mg/dL (10.1-14 mmol/L). What is the most appropriate initial treatment to consider?
  130. All of the following are typical of toddlers except:
  131. Interest practitioner has … an infant for the last three weeks for thrush with nystatin (Mycostatin) oral suspension. What diagnostic test could the nurse practitioner platform which might quickly confirm a diagnosis of oral candidiasis?
  132. Which of the following physical findings is consistent with a diagnosis of Beta-thalassemia major?
  133. An adult female patient is seeking information about her ideal weight. She is 5’7” tall using the” height weight formula”, what is her ideal body weight?
  134. The most appropriate therapy for an elderly patient with pernicious anemia is:
  135. Which of the following patients is most likely to have a diagnosis of type II diabetes mellitus?
  136. The recent Beta-adrenergic blockers should … in patients with diabetes because they may:
  137. The nurse practitioner is initiating levothyroxine (Synthroid) for primary hypothyroidism in a 71-year-old female. The usual starting dose of levothyroxine is 50
  138. A nurse practitioner is evaluating a 35-year-old female nurse. She has a history of hospitalization for hepatitis B infection two years ago. Her laboratory tests demonstrate positive HBsAg/ surface antigen. The nurse practitioner would most likely diagnose:
  139. Phalen’s test, 90° wrist flexion for 60 seconds, reproduces symptoms of:
  140. According to the American Nurses Association (ANA), the role of the nurse practitioner who provides primary healthcare is:
  141. Health maintenance organizations (HMOs) and … provider organizations (PPOs) are:
  142. A nurse practitioner has been … by a patient for malpractice. The nurse practitioner is … a:
  143. A young couple is being seen by the nurse practitioner for preconception counseling. They Express the wish for pregnancy within the next three months and are very eager to know what they can do now to “make the baby as healthy as possible”. Which of the following should the nurse practitioner in courage to decrease the chance of neural tube defect in the fetus?
  144. An active 82-year-old male in good health complains “I don’t see as well as I … to and my eyes are very sensitive to glare.” His near and distant visual acuity is … , and he has a bilateral white pupillary reflex. The most likely diagnosis is:
  145. The Papanicolaou (PAP) smear report on a 36-year-old female patient indicates atypical squamous cells of … significance (ASCUS). Which of the following constitutes appropriate care for this patient?
  146. A 23-year-old female college student is being … by the nurse practitioner for immunization status. She has documentation of completion of IPV, DTaP, and MMR series. She states, “I got a shot when I was 12 years old, but none since then.” Which vaccines should she receive today?
  147. A 20-month-old Child has been brought to the clinic after having a simple febrile seizure. The most appropriate intervention is to:
  148. A 75-year-old female complains that she awakens 3 to 4 times each night sensing bladder fullness, but is unable to “hold it” until she can get … on the bathroom toilet. This type of urinary incontinence is termed:
  149. A one-month-old presents with … recurrent diarrhea, screaming, and drawing up of the legs followed by periods of lethargy. On physical examination, A” sausage-like” mass is … in the upper right quadrant of the distended abdomen. Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis?
  150. A critically ill patient states, “my family is well …”. The nurse practitioner must interpret this meaning as the patient:
  151. A 46-year-old female has hypertension and is well … on propranolol (Inderal). Which of the following is a beneficial secondary effect of this drug?
  152. During pregnancy, it is important to be physically active. The nurse practitioner should encourage her pregnant patient who has a very sedentary lifestyle to:
  153. A 19-year-old pregnant patient, at 20 weeks gestation, complains of pain in the right lower quadrant. She is afebrile and denies nausea and vomiting. The most likely diagnosis is:
  154. Which of the following is not covered by Medicare part B?
  155. Which of the following patient characteristics are associated with chronic bronchitis?
  156. Which of the following patients would appropriately be diagnosed with isolated systolic hypertension (ISH)?
  157. Which of the following drugs is considered safe for use during pregnancy?
  158. A 44-year-old patient complains of stiffness and soreness in his hands, hips, and knees. There is noticeable PIP and DIP joint enlargement in his hands. The nurse practitioner suspects arthritis. All of the following questions are helpful in differentiating between rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and osteoarthritis (OA) except:
  159. A 55-year-old male patient presents with dysuria, urgency, peroneal pain, and a temperature of 10 1°F. What is the most likely diagnosis?
  160. The nurse practitioner receives a call from a 23-year-old patient who is 10 weeks pregnant. She reports that a few days after spending the day babysitting a friend’s toddler, the toddler develops a rash. The nurse practitioner would be least concerned if the patient was exposed to:
  161. For the general adult population, total dietary fat intake should be no more than what percent of total calories?
  162. The mechanism for handling first contacts into the healthcare system and providing a continuum of care, evaluation and management of systems maintenance of health, and appropriate referrals is called:
  163. The four classic features of Parkinson’s disease are:
  164. The most common symptoms of transient ischemic attack (TIA) include:
  165. A 15-year-old patient has a complaint of vaginal discharge. She is sexually active with multiple partners. Which of the following symptoms should leave the nurse practitioner to suspect pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)?
  166. The nurse practitioner wants to assess the intactness of a patient’s cerebellar function. Which of the following clinical test will provide information relative to cerebellar function?
  167. A patient presents with a distorted area and a blind spot in the visual field. The painless condition was first noticed on awakening this morning. The nurse practitioner would most appropriately include all of the following in the plan of care:
  168. Which murmur is associated with radiation to the neck?
  169. The correct order of physical examination of the abdomen is:
  170. What disease process are Bouchard’s nodes most commonly associated with?
  171. A patient.

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