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Now that you’ve completed the material related to Chapters 3, 4, 5, and 6 of your textbook, you’re ready to complete Graded Project 2. For this graded project, you’ll use many of the C# skills you’ve learned thus far. Follow all the instructions for this graded project, and follow good programming practices as you create your solution. Remember to include all the required components when you submit your solution.
To finish this graded project, you must complete a number of tasks to create the necessary solution. In this graded project, you’ll create a program named TeeBall.cs as outlined in Exercise 9 on page 270 of your textbook.
Note: To complete this graded project, use a text editor or use Microsoft Visual C# software. The figures included in this graded project show the steps involved when using the Visual C# Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The IDE adds extra code, so if you choose to create your program using a text editor instead of the IDE, the code may be slightly different. Remember: Always run your program after you complete the code to make sure it works appropriately.
Follow these steps to complete Project 2:
1. Start a new C# project named TeeBall.cs.
2. Save the TeeBall.cs program in the Chapter.06 folder on your C drive (Figure 4). The program location will be specific to your computer.
3. Follow the directions listed for Exercise 9 on page 270 to create a program that stores statistics for a Tee Ball league. Note: It may be helpful to review pp. 233–236 and 252–256.
4. Save the updates to your program.
Graded Project Graded Project
5. Now build your program by selecting Build from the menu bar (Figure 5). Your program will automatically build. Any errors that could occur in the code will typically be shown at the bottom of your screen.
6. After you’ve built your program, test your program by selecting Debug > Start Debugging from the menu bar (Figure 6). Your program will execute and display results. If any errors occur during the execution of your program, you’ll be prompted and taken back to your code so you can make corrections.
Graded Project34
FIGURE 4—Creating a New Project
FIGURE 5—Building Your Program
Graded Project 35
7. If necessary, repeat Steps 5 and 6 until your program works as intended.
How to Submit Your Project
Use the following procedure to submit your project online:
1. Log in to view your student homepage and go to the My Courses page.
2. Click Take Exam next to the lesson on which you’re working.
3. Attach your file as follows by following steps a–d.
a. Click on the Browse box.
b. Locate the file you wish to attach.
c. Double-click on the file.
d. Click Upload File.
e. If you have more than one file to attach, repeat steps a–d for each file.
4. Enter your e-mail address in the box provided. (Note: Your e-mail address is required for online submissions.)
5. If you wish to include comments about this project to your instructor, enter your comments in the Message box.
6. Click Submit File.
FIGURE 6—Debugging Your Program
Graded Project36
Grading Criteria
Your instructor will use the following guidelines to grade your project:
■ Successfully created a class named Player, and included fields as instructed 25 points _______
■ Successfully declared an array of 12 players 25 points _______
■ Displayed Player objects and statistics 25 points _______
■ Saved solution as TeeBall.cs 5 points _______
■ Followed the instructions appropriately 10 points _______
■ Solution works appropriately 10 points _______
STUDENT’S TOTAL POINTS 100 points _______

The Tiny Tots Tee-Ball league has 12 players who have jersey numbers 0 through 11. The coach wants a program into which he can type a player’s number and the number of bases the player got in a turn at bat (a number 0 through 4). Write a program that allows the coach to continually enter the values until 99 is entered. Store the statistics in a two-dimensional array. At the end of a data-entry session, display each player’s number and the number of 0-base, 1-base, 2-base, 3-base, and 4-base turns the player had. Display a separate count of the number of data-entry errors the coach makes (a player number greater than 11 or a number of bases greater than 4). Save the program as TeeBall.cs.


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