Purchase Solved POS409 Version 2 – Program 3

Purchase Solved POS409 Version 2-Program 3



Choose one of the following options.

Option A

Build a text file of string objects. They may be people’s names, cities, zip codes, and so forth. Include at
At least 20 items on the list.

Design, implement, test, and debug a C# program to read the text file into an array and sort it. The GUI
should have a text field into which the user can enter a search term. The program will perform a binary
search to determine if the term is found in the array that was read from the file. The program will let the
user know whether or not the search term was found and how many comparisons were made during
the search.

Submit the project and the text file used.

Option B

Design, implement, test, and debug a C# program to show the frequencies of the sum of two dice for
100 rolls. The program will read the file you created in the dice simulation in Week Two. Include the

Declare an array that represents the possible results of throws of two dice.

For each entry in the file, increment the element of the array corresponding to that result.

Last, display the frequency count for that simulation.

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Purchase Solved POS409 Version 2 – Program 3
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