How Online Short Courses Can Boost Your Academic Profile

How Online Short Courses Can Boost Your Academic Profile: Globally, over 1.3 billion students are out of the classroom, COVID-19 has resulted in educational institutes shut all over the world. and in response to the shutdown, education has changed dramatically, the pandemic has changed our way of living for the past 6 to 7 months.

Although we see that through the never-ending hard work of the government of all nations, things are gradually getting to betterment.

But, somewhere in our minds, we know that education has suffered dramatically in this pandemic. To rescue this drowning effect of COVID on education, Online education was introduced, The whole infrastructure of education was shifted online.

This helped people realizing the importance of digitalization and the advantages of online learning brings. They have finally understood the significance of online courses. If you are a student yourself, we need to make you aware of the opportunities that you have been missing till now.

For those of you who have already enrolled themselves in a course and are now struggling to maintain a balance between your academic and social schedule, we have a solution for you. You don’t have to stress out and search take my online course for me anywhere else.

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Moving back to those who are still unaware of the online courses, let us tell you. According to the subject, you are majoring in, there is a list of online courses you can get yourself enrolled in to increase your knowledge and it could also help you with your career.

Online education is a great option for people who work and cannot afford the time to get themselves enrolled in a conventional course. Since online courses can be done from the comfort of your home, it is the best option for students with limited time. Completion of your major, and getting a related course can boost your academic profile altogether.

See our list of top online course platforms:


When we talk about online classes, it mandatory to mention Udemy because if not it would be an injustice to the online course industry. It is one of the best online courses offering platforms across the world. It is a great choice if you are looking for a reasonable price range. Udemy allows you to select and choose the subjects you are better in, which enables this educational platform highly versatile. Also, for the quarantine era, Udemy offers several free courses, so it is a shame not to reap the benefits of it. Udemy starts by choosing courses with top ratings and outstanding feedback to optimize the costs and energy spent learning new skills.


Coursera is an immensely popular website, known for its importance and popularity as it partners with leading universities worldwide that are involved in the creation of the courses. It is deemed one of the most competent online learning sites available on the market and you can get a certification from renowned universities and these affiliate institutions also offer full Master’s degrees in different disciplines. While several courses at Coursera are fully free of charge, if you want to earn the official certificate, you will still have to pay.

Future Learn:

FutureLearn is a top choice of online degrees and free certification courses, available on mobile, tablet, or desktop, and is offered by this UK-based learning platform. It is operated by one of the long-established academic institutions in the United Kingdom, The Open University. That being said, you’ll have to spend a certain amount if you’d like to get a certification after the term, which will also allow you to access and archive the course materials.

LinkedIn Learning:

LinkedIn is probably known to you as your job-seeking website. LinkedIn Learning, however, also houses several legitimate courses. Most courses range from brief, learner-level to in-depth specialist training and are of high quality. The latter is best demonstrated by Learning Paths, a strategy used to get you up to speed quickly and help you excel in certain areas.


Skillshare covers any conceivable subject, including courses on a wide range of technological topics, business, and entrepreneurship, coding, but also writing, art, brand building, and other creative subjects. Skillshare operates on a subscription system, which translates into a monthly or annual fee that allows you to delve into a wide variety of skills, unlike Udemy, where you pay for each course individually.




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