Get Best APOL 220 Quiz Apologetics


Get Best APOL 220 Quiz Apologetics


APOL 220 Quiz: Apologetics in the Bible

  1. The authors choose to label our current cultural context as “Late Modernism.”
  2. One can accurately understand what Peter says about defending the faith by just reading 1 Peter 3:15.
  3. Persecuted and afflicted believers are not persevering in vain because God has a glorious plan for their future. This is an example of which apologetic category?
  4. We are given true knowledge of God through nature but the problem lies not with the revelation of God in nature, but rather with people who suppress and twist the revelation and end up worshipping the creation rather than the Creator.
  5. This statement, “The God of the Bible becomes completely human and hurts in every way that we do—from physical pain, social rejection, misunderstanding, hatred, violence, and death” would fall under which apologetic category in the Bible?
  6. The grand biblical narrative moves in what order? new creation-fall-creation-redemption
  7. Jesus performed miracles to validate exclusively his message about the Kingdom of God.
  8. In the context of polemics, the biblical creation account speaks _________ the surrounding culture, defending its view of creation against the prevailing cosmological narratives
  9. In general, the Scriptures call for speakers and writers to employ rational arguments that would make sense to those receiving their message. What apologetic category would this fall under?
  10. In Apologetics at the Cross, the authors use the analogy of building a house to describe their methodology.
  11. A defensive apology is a response to some contention a person may have towards Christianity or a reason why he/she does not believe Christianity is true.
  12. The lives of Jesus Christ’s followers ought to make an apologetic impact.
  13. In 1 Kings 18, when Elijah challenges the prophets of Baal, this is an example of which apologetic type?
  14. According to Psalm 19:1–6, the heavens act as an apologist for God! This is an example of which apologetic type?
  15. In their personal testimonies about apologetics, both authors always had a positive view of it and its functionality in ministry.
  16. The authors state that apologetics, in its most basic form, is “the practice of making an appeal and a defense for the Christian faith.”
  17. A positive or offensive apologetic gives reasons why a person should believe Christianity is true.
  18. In order to win people to the gospel, Paul was not willing to be flexible in his persuasive efforts.
  19. The what of your apologetic response to others is far more important than how one presents reasons and arguments.
  20. In 1 Corinthians 2, Paul alludes to a movement of his day known as sophism. Sophists were rhetoricians who maintained public careers based on their ability to speak and follow oratorical conventions.
  21. To maintain a balanced view of the Old Testament, one must remember the prophets spoke not only against the culture of their day but also with and for
  22. Life in the church, that is, the way the church lives together, is meant to be a witness to the reality of God
  23. Many issues which were formerly left to the halls of the academy are now being introduced to the masses, often by skeptics.
  24. When understood in its proper context, 1 Corinthians 2:1-5 serves as a proof-text against apologetics.
  25. Paul uses pagan sources during his speech at Mars Hill.


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