Buy Solved APOL 220 Quiz Cruciform


Buy Solved APOL 220 Quiz Cruciform


APOL 220 Quiz: Cruciform Humility and the Holistic Approach

  1. Oftentimes people have to want to believe before they will listen to reasons why they should believe since it is human nature to change our beliefs to fit our love.
  2. Jesus and Paul were usually tougher on insiders than outsiders.
  3. This describes the universally shared internal mechanisms that work to produce basic beliefs.
  4. A fruitful analogy offered by the authors to illustrate the relationship between believing, thinking, and desiring as a holistic approach is:
  5. Apologetics is exclusively an intellectual activity in which people make a decision for or against Christianity just by sorting out all the facts.
  6. This is what is used in elementary mathematics and in certain assumed rules for communicating and thinking that seems to be universal.
  7. The future glory Christians will have in Christ helps us to carry our cross with bold humility as we live in and engage with the world.
  8. Strong empiricism stipulates that we should accept something as true when it is fundamentally arrived at through inferences or abduction
  9. Which of the following applies to Unrealistic Expectations?
  10. Engaging others with humility, honesty, and bold confidence in the Cross are hallmark characteristics of the apologist of glory.
  11. The biblical usage of the words heart and mind reminds us that we are compartmentalized beings
  12. By strong empiricism’s own logic, there is no reason to accept it as true.
  13. Which philosopher stressed the importance of a story by explaining that everyone believes a story about their life and about history itself?
  14. Strong Empiricism fails to account for the fact that:
  15. Alvin Plantinga stated that there is no argument that will fully persuade everyone or absolutely prove Christianity.
  16. We can only adequately answer the question ‘what am I to do if we can answer the prior question ‘Of what story or stories do I find myself a part?’
  17. Sin does not really affect our reasoning structures (e.g. the way we think and reason).
  18. An overview of the Bible shows that it does not offer much more than propositional statements and rules.
  19. Humans are primarily:
  20. Which passage from Proverbs reminds us to first listen and take others seriously?
  21. According to the authors, doctrines such as the age of the earth and how many times Jesus cleared the temple are among the critically-important core beliefs of the gospel.
  22. All of the following C.S. Lewis works appeal primarily to human longing and imagination except:
  23. We are holistic beings who think, believe, and desire.
  24. According to the authors, if a person rejects God because they can’t understand what he is doing, they are not really rejecting the God presented in the Bible.
  25. To which model does this statement apply? “Our mind is who we are, our body is merely incidental.”


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