Buy Guided APOL 220 Quiz Defeaters


Buy Guided APOL 220 Quiz Defeaters


APOL 220 Quiz: Dealing with Defeaters

  1. According to the beliefs of expressive individualism, human flourishing occurs when we follow our hearts.
  2. Buddhism is a prime example of this take in the experiential response to the problem of evil.
  3. Whenever someone suffers it is because they have committed a corresponding evil action. Which category does this statement fit in?
  4. According to the authors, the story of the crucified Jesus can be used as a response to which problem?
  5. Just follow your heart, a result of expressive individualism, best fits in which category of defeater?
  6. According to Christianity, perennial questions that transcend cultures such as “What is it like to be truly human?” and “How do we live in a way that leads to the ‘good life?’ “ are answered by what?
  7. Scientific methods are not based on reason alone and it is not really possible to adopt a theory for discovering the truth that doesn’t require faith.
  8. The concepts of forgiveness and justice are highlighted in this defeater.
  9. Richard Bauckham argues that the names present within the Gospels themselves are meant to assure the readers of their accuracy.
  10. Remember the importance of word and deed best fits in which category of defeater?
  11. Even though naturalistic scientific reasoning proceeds by assuming only natural causes, it can actually touch on the question of God.
  12. The notion of eternal, other-centered love is part of the response to which defeater?
  13. All the traditional views of the problem of the evil claim that, in some way, suffering is meaningless and fulfillment is something we create for ourselves.
  14. The scientific method cannot account for which of the following?
  15. We should be the last to admit that Christians – when influenced by certain traditions and cultures – can and have misinterpreted the Bible.
  16. Eyewitness testimony and careful research are mentioned in response to which defeater?
  17. The secular philosopher John Gray points out that it is not the only religion that can go bad…any human activity has the potential for evil.
  18. While Jesus taught that He came to free people from the shackles of the world, the flesh, and the devil, the way “nourishing” is defined by Late Modernism blinds people to the beauty of Christ’s offer.
  19. Humanist philosopher Luc Ferry observes that despite the web of meaning the late modern creates for himself, he is still deeply frustrated because he can’t shake the feeling he is here for more than the acquisition of material possessions.
  20. The challenging part of discussing Christianity’s past abuses of slavery is that the Bible advocates a pro-slavery theology
  21. The coming-of-age narrative goes with which defeater?
  22. Saying “no” to some desires is not an important part of genuine human flourishing
  23. Many white churches in America have an unfortunate history of hiding their racial prejudice behind political doctrines such as states’ rights and the separation of church and state, to the detriment of their Christian witness.
  24. According to Rodney Stark and Alister McGrath, compared to other societies and religions throughout history, the Christian faith has provided the best conceptual framework within which science could nourish.
  25. Which of the following points can be generally made in reference to the failures of individual Christians?


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