Get Best BIBl 104 Quiz The Gospels


Get Best BIBl 104 Quiz The Gospels


BIBl 104 Quiz: The Gospels

  1. According to early church tradition, Mark was a close disciple of James, the brother of Jesus. So, he heard James tell and retell the stories about Jesus everywhere they went.
  2. The writer of the Gospel of John identifies himself only as “the disciple Jesus loved.”
  3. John uses this central “I am” declaration to arm the deity of Christ. One of these “I Am” declarations is:
  4. Luke’s purpose is to give “an orderly sequence” of the events of Christ’s birth, life, and sacrificial death followed by His resurrection and ascension back to heaven.
  5. Luke is the longest book in the New Testament and gives a full picture of the life of Christ.
  6. Luke’s portrait of Christ is that of
  7. A slave is expected to rush from task to task and to do any job immediately so a key word in Mark is “immediately.”
  8. According to the Gospel of John, Jesus’ mission to the Jews was highlighted by seven miraculous signs. One of these signs is
  9. Because Luke was a physician, there seems to be an interest in sickness and healing in the Third Gospel.
  10. John addresses his Gospel to Theophilus who may have been a Roman social or a nobleman who recently became a Christian.
  11. According to the Gospel of John, Jesus’ mission to the Jews was highlighted by seven miraculous signs. One of these signs is
  12. In order to speed up Jesus’ death so that it did not contact the Sabbath, Jesus’ legs were broken at the request of the religious leaders.
  13. The New Testament consists of twenty-seven books that were written in Koine Greek or common Greek.
  14. John wants Theophilus and other readers to “know the certainty of the things about which you have been instructed.”
  15. According to our textbook, Luke’s Gospel puts a good deal of emphasis on prayer, reporting that Jesus prayed eleven times, much more than any other Gospel.
  16. John’s Gospel concludes by noting that while Jesus did many other things, no one could possibly write them all down. If anyone did, even the whole world could not contain all of the books that would have to be written.
  17. The Gospel of _____________ is the only Gospel to mention that Jesus was a carpenter during His early adulthood.
  18. The passion week of Jesus’ life took place in the city of Nazareth since he was known as Jesus of Nazareth.
  19. The Gospel of __________ places an emphasis on the individual person.
  20. Which of the following is not a miracle that Jesus performed?
  21. Matthew’s Gospel names no audience for its message other than that which is implied in its Great Commission. Its message was ultimately intended to go to “all nations.”
  22. During Jesus’ post-resurrection appearances He comforted Mary, convinced Thomas of His resurrection, and reassured Peter that he was forgiven for denying Him.
  23. Which of the following is not a parable of Jesus?
  24. Because Matthew, Mark, and Luke have more stories in common with one another, these three Gospels are called the “_____________ Gospels.”
  25. In the Gospels, ___________ interprets the facts of Jesus’ life with an emphasis on His deity.
  26. The books of the New Testament are generally organized into six divisions.
  27. In the Gospels, __________, Paul’s physician-missionary, writes with the Greek mentality in view.
  28. The story of the early church begins with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost and focuses initially on the ministry of Peter.
  29. In contrast to the Synoptic Gospels, the Gospel of John focuses more on the seven _________________ of Christ.
  30. There is no purposeful arrangement of the letters as they are presented in the New
  31. Matthew’s Gospel opens with the genealogy of Jesus traced all the way back through King David and concludes with Isaac who was the child of promise.
  32. The book of Revelation was written by John on the island of
  33. Which of the following people did not write a letter included in the New Testament canon?
  34. Which of the following people wrote at least one letter that is included in the New Testament canon?
  35. A slave’s birth was unimportant, so Mark does not include the birth of Christ.
  36. John uses this central “I am” declaration to arm the deity of Christ. One of these “I Am” declarations is:
  37. Mark’s audience was familiar with Jewish customs and geography. Thus, he uses them frequently without providing further explanation.
  38. John’s portrait of Christ is that of
  39. According to the Gospel of John, Jesus’ mission to the Jews was highlighted by seven miraculous signs. One of these signs is
  40. John views the soldiers’ division of Jesus’ clothes is viewed as a prophetic fulfillment.
  41. Jesus’ seven miraculous “signs” in the Gospel of John were intended to arm Jesus’ message and confirm His claims.
  42. According to our textbook, the original audience for the Gospel of John seems to be Greek-speaking Jews who were living outside of Israel.
  43. The Gospel of Matthew is the most comprehensive of the four Gospels.
  44. Matthew’s Gospel describes five extended teaching sessions, which are arranged in major discourses. This was done so that readers could better follow what Jesus said about specific subjects.
  45. Which of the following is not a miracle that Jesus performed?
  46. The typical letters of the Greco-Roman period included an address, a greeting, a body, and a conclusion.
  47. In John 3 Jesus met _______________, a Jewish ruler in Jerusalem, to whom He explains what it means to be “born again.”
  48. Luke’s Gospel is the most universal Gospel because the good news about Jesus is for the whole world, not for the Jews only.
  49. All the authors of the New Testament were Jews, with the possible exception of the Roman citizen Paul.
  50. The last twelve verses of Mark are included in the KJV but modern translations like the NASB, NKJV, ESV, HCSB, and NIV usually use footnotes or a combination of footnotes and brackets to indicate that some manuscripts lack the verses.


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