Get Guided BUSI 330 Discussion 2


Get Guided BUSI 330 Discussion 2


Consider an international firm you are familiar with and what the firm needs to be concerned with when entering a foreign market. Specifically, in terms of the chapters you covered this module/week, what do you consider to be the 3 most important “uncontrollable environmental variables” that must be understood in order to succeed when entering a foreign market? Your answer must include:

At least 3 key uncontrollable environmental variables,

A brief definition of the concept,

The page numbers from the text for each cited concept, and

Explain how each may impact the success or failure of commercial global expansion.

In 2 or 3 additional paragraphs, explain how the chosen international firm may prepare for foreign market entry and why being prepared will improve the likelihood of its success.

Provide and explain a relevant Scripture reference to the subject under study in this module/week. This does not contribute to the minimum length of 200 words.


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