Download Guided BUSI 342 Exam 3


Download Guided BUSI 342 Exam 3


BUSI 342 Exam 3 Answers

  1. Organization‑centered career planning requires an individual employee to take charge of his/her career and chart a path of advancement through his/her organization.
  2. Encapsulated development occurs when a single work unit in an organization is used to pilot-test new training programs.
  3. A plateaued employee who is capable of meeting performance expectations is a good candidate for a lateral move.
  4. The modeling process involves only straightforward imitation and copying.
  5. It is best for an organization to limit its intensive talent management efforts to its high‑potential employees, to avoid resentment among the employees.
  6. Careers are not predictably linear but cyclical.
  7. Succession planning should be done for all key jobs in the organization, even if they are low in the hierarchy.
  8. One purpose of employee development is to help employees improve skills that they might not be able to improve in their ordinary life experiences.
  9. Job rotation tends to be an expensive form of employee development because it takes time for employees to become familiar with their new units.
  10. The glass ceiling describes the situation in which women rapidly progress into top and senior positions.
  11. A supervisor’s rating of an employee’s attitude is classified as an objective measure of performance.
  12. Both numerical and nonnumerical performance standards can be established.
  13. The entitlement approach of organizational culture links performance evaluations to employee compensation and development.
  14. The leniency error occurs when ratings of all employees fall at the high end of the scale.
  15. Peer and team ratings are especially useful only when supervisors have the opportunity to observe each employee’s performance.
  16. Menu up‑selling by a waiter is classified as behavior‑based information.
  17. The contrast error occurs when a rater scores an employee high on all job criteria because of performance in one area.
  18. A disadvantage of the outsider rating approach is that outsiders may not know the important demands within the work group or organization.
  19. When a key part of performance management, the performance appraisal, is used to punish employees, performance management is less effective.
  20. In the critical incident method, the manager keeps a written record of both highly favorable and unfavorable actions performed by an employee during the entire rating period.
  21. The expectancy theory says that an employee’s motivation is based on several linked concepts.
  22. An employer using the first‑quartile strategy chooses to “lag the market.”
  23. The overall objective of the host‑country‑based approach is to maintain the expatriate’s standard of living in the country where the company is headquartered.
  24. An individual whose pay is above the range for a job is referred to as a green‑circled employee.
  25. Tangible rewards cannot be easily measured or quantified.
  26. Not having to pay social security, unemployment, or workers’ compensation costs to independent contractors offers major advantages to the employer.
  27. The company ratio is calculated by dividing the individual’s pay rate by the lowest point in
  28. The child labor provisions of the FLSA set the minimum age for employment with unlimited hours at 19 years.
  29. Integrating performance appraisal ratings with pay changes can be done through the development of a merit‑based performance matrix.
  30. Market banding groups jobs into pay grades based on similar market survey amounts.
  31. A restricted stock option indicates that company stock shares will be paid as a grant of shares to individuals.
  32. A stock option plan gives employees the right to purchase an unlimited number of shares of company stock at a specified exercise price for a limited period of time.
  33. The compensation committee usually is a subgroup of the board of directors that is composed of directors who are currently the officers of the firm.
  34. Recognition awards ensure that the award winners are determined objectively.
  35. According to the Dodds‑Frank Act, publicly listed companies now must allow shareholders to vote on executive compensation.
  36. Compensation given to an executive if he or she is forced to leave an organization is called a golden parachute.
  37. To ensure that spot bonuses work efficiently, employers must keep the amounts reasonable and provide them only for exceptional performance accomplishments.
  38. The “clawbacks” provision in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 allows a company to recover any incentive‑based pay that was paid out during the prior three years if it would not have been paid under restated financial statements.
  39. The Scanlon plan approach sets group piece‑rate standards and pays weekly bonuses when those standards are exceeded.
  40. The most prevalent forms of organization‑wide incentives are piece‑rate systems, sales commissions, and individual bonuses.


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