Get Solved BUSI 342 Exam 4


Get Solved BUSI 342 Exam 4


BUSI 342 Exam 4

  1. Research has shown that absenteeism because of illness is lower when employees are not paid for sick time.
  2. The United States is the only major developed nation that does not guarantee workers paid sick leave.
  3. Increases in employer expenditures for benefits are growing faster than increases in wages for employees.
  4. According to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, enrollment in health coverage is mandatory for every citizen.
  5. An employee who is out of work and actively looking for employment can receive up to 26 weeks of pay through unemployment compensation.
  6. Workers cannot be asked to make financial contributions for coverage under workers’ compensation programs.
  7. Increasing the retirement age for employees is a strategy to keep the Social Security program insolvent.
  8. Divorced spouses and dependent children of former or current employees should be offered extended health care coverage under the COBRA.
  9. Developed nations are far more likely to provide compulsory, government‑sponsored health plans for all citizens.
  10. Employees find 401(k) plans unattractive because these plans require employees to pay higher income taxes during working years.
  11. The last phase of accident investigation involves preparing a report on the accident.
  12. Emotional illnesses such as schizophrenia and depression are considered disabilities under the ADA.
  13. A criminal is an individual who instigates workplace violence but has no legitimate relationship with a business.
  14. Direct costs associated with accidents typically constitute almost 95% of the total costs to an organization.
  15. Julie, a legal assistant in a company, injures her back while lifting a box of trial documents onto her desk when working from home. Julie can depend on her company’s workers’ compensation coverage for treating her injury.
  16. Recovering substance abusers are not considered disabled under the ADA.
  17. OSHA rules and standards are frequently complicated and technical, which makes it difficult for managers who do not have specialists on their staffs to read and understand the rules.
  18. If an OSHA compliance officer finds a condition of imminent danger in a workplace, the officer may get a federal court injunction to close the company until the condition is rectified.
  19. The OSHA provides guidelines to companies that help them continue operations with a depleted workforce.
  20. The OSHA has banned smoking in workplaces all over the U.S.
  21. A discipline is a form of training that enforces organizational rules.
  22. Counseling is the last step before the termination of an employee in the positive approach to discipline.
  23. For separation agreements to be legally enforceable, the considerations usually should be additional items that are not part of normal termination benefits.
  24. Including a disclaimer in an employee handbook that employees can be terminated at any time with or without cause does not imply that the right of employment‑at‑will holds.
  25. A citizen’s right of individuals to freedom of speech granted by the U.S. Constitution is an unrestricted one in the workplace.
  26. If drug testing is done for probable cause, it needs to be based on performance‑related behaviors and not just the substance usage itself.
  27. Statutory rights are the result of specific laws or statutes passed by federal, state, or local governments.
  28. The Polygraph Protection Act allows the use of polygraphs for most pre‑employment screening.
  29. It is illegal for an employer to review an employee’s unusual behavior on the job.
  30. Mere employee expectations about acceptable behavior and performance cannot legally be considered an implied contract.
  31. Hiring “union busters” during the organizing campaign of a union is an unfair labor practice.
  32. At least two‑thirds of the employees in the targeted group in a company must sign authorization cards before an election can be called.
  33. Mailing antiunion letters to employees’ homes is an illegal union prevention method.
  34. Jurisdictional strikes take place when one union chooses to express support for another union involved in a dispute, even though the first union has no disagreement with the employer.
  35. The Taft‑Hartley Act allows the U.S. Senate to declare that a strike presents a national emergency.
  36. Issues pertaining to safety rules and profit‑sharing plans are mandatory subjects for bargaining.
  37. Unions in some situations have encouraged workers to become partial or complete owners of the companies that employ them.
  38. “Interest” arbitration is used extensively in the private sector in the United States.
  39. A major reason for employee unionization in the United States is the hiring of immigrant workers for low wages employers.
  40. In most European countries, employee wages are set by government negotiations with employers rather than through collective bargaining between unions and management.


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