Download Guided Liberty University BUSI 505 Quiz 8 


Download Guided Liberty University BUSI 505 Quiz 8

  1. Which two events led to the expansion of the field of nanotechnology?
  2. What is the primary goal of nanomedicine?
  3. Which statement best describes the impact of health informatics on the advantages and disadvantages of nanotechnology?
  4. The specialty of health informatics was developed by nurses, physicians, and others who have innovated changes in healthcare practices. This specialty finds solutions by using which three areas of science?
  5. An agency has just implemented electronic medication administration records (mars). This would be an example of what level of change?
  6. Which statement concerning educational programs in health informatics is correct?
  7. A hospital has just implemented barcoded medication administration (BCMA). This would be an example of what level of change?
  8. Which statement related to certification in health informatics is correct?
  9. Which technical development created tension between centralized and decentralized computer management in healthcare?
  10. Which statement is true regarding the techniques used to analyze and distinguish forecasters from futurists when planning for future directions and trends?
  11. Which foundational science contributes systematic and logical approaches, processes, and procedures for understanding phenomena and solving problems to the study of informatics?
  12. The first book to include the term nursing informatics in the title was written in the:
  13. Which federal entity began training physicians and other health researchers in the use of computer technology for medical education and healthcare processes?
  14. Which description best defines nanofabrication?
  15. The discipline of biomedical and health informatics has evolved from the work and papers disseminated by which organization?
  16. Which term is analogous to future research?
  17. Applying the futurology methodology of envisioning a desired endpoint and working back to determine what activities and policies to achieve a possible, probable, and preferred future describes:
  18. The historical roots of computer science can be traced to:
  19. An organization decides to utilize a silver nanoparticle in the production of a product in order to make the product antimicrobial. This is an example of the:
  20. Which of the following is not a member organization but rather a group of organizations?
  21. What was the first professional association to express interest in accreditation for health informatics–related educational programs?
  22. Nanoparticles appear to have a very bright and meaningful future in the world; however, what is one potential issue with nanoparticles?
  23. Which are the major trends and their implications for future developments in healthcare, health informatics, and informatics research?
  24. The historical roots of information science can be traced to:
  25. A nurse is asked by the nursing manager to review electronic comments left by patients on the unit’s Facebook page. The nurse examines the comments for common themes. This is an example of the:


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