Buy Best Liberty CJUS 310 Research Paper


Buy Best Liberty CJUS 310 Research Paper

Topic Set 1: Reasons Why Juveniles Join Gangs

Topic Set 2: Marijuana Abuse and Juvenile Delinquency Research Paper


For this assignment, the student will discuss a problem, concern, or potential reform regarding juvenile justice in America. The student may choose from the list below or select another juvenile justice-related topic. Much like the Socratic method, the student should produce a paper that critically examines the problem, discusses alternative perspectives, and proposes a likely solution. The information contained in this essay should be original. The ideas expressed should be innovative and fresh so please do not review a body of academic literature or write a book review.

Submit the topic you chose from the list provided below OR chose a juvenile delinquency topic covered in the course text:

1. External Influences on Juvenile Delinquency

2. Delinquency in Schools

3. Juvenile Delinquency Theory (choose one studied in this course and include it when submitting your topic selection)

4. Drug use and its effect on Juvenile Delinquency

5. Family Dynamics affecting Juvenile Delinquency

6. Effective legal responses to Juvenile Delinquency

7. Juvenile participation in gangs

8. Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency

9. The juvenile judicial process


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