Buy Best EVAN 101 Quiz 4 Final


Buy Best EVAN 101 Quiz 4 Final


  1. According to Pace & Wheeler, sometimes God uses di! cult situations to teach us how to depend on Him through prayer.
  2. While we need the Holy Spirit today for evangelism, the disciples in the Bible rarely relied on the Holy Spirit when witnessing.
  3. According to Earley & Wheeler, Christians reject pluralism because of the lack of exposure to other views.
  4. Pace & Wheeler use the term “Incarnational” to describe living with people.
  5. Jesus, Himself is an example of a person Who called for a response.
  6. Purify Yourself, Position Yourself, and Prepare Yourself are the three steps Pace & Wheeler give for living out God’s will.
  7. According to Earley & Wheeler, there are some believers who cannot evangelize because of their personality type.
  8. According to Earley & Wheeler, more than one element is involved in the harvest.
  9. Jesus did not always explain the meaning of a parable.
  10. Pace & Wheeler wrote that the church in America looks exactly like the early church in the book of Acts.
  11. The Holy Spirit is not really a Person like Jesus or God the Father.
  12. According to Earley & Wheeler, accepting and loving people is the same as condoning their sinful behavior.
  13. According to Pace & Wheeler, Psalm 37:4 teaches that God is obligated to grant our wishes.
  14. According to Pace & Wheeler, Servant Evangelism is never fun.
  15. The book of 1 John has more than a dozen tests to o” er assurance of salvation.
  16. God’s plan of salvation is not only includes humans but also His entire creation.
  17. In order to save us Jesus became human like us.
  18. Earley & Wheeler admit that fear of rejection is a good reason not to ask for a response.
  19. According to Earley & Wheeler, the key to being e” active in evangelism is simply to cooperate with what the Holy Spirit is already doing.
  20. According to 1 Peter 3:15, a believer should be ready to defend his or her faith.
  21. According to Pace & Wheeler, Colossians 3:16 shows a connection between the Bible and worship.
  22. According to Earley & Wheeler, it is not the amount of faith but the object of the faith that truly matters.
  23. According to Pace & Wheeler, while the Bible describes what God does, It does not express what God desires.
  24. Because most lost people are not used to praying, Early & Wheeler suggest o” ring to lead a person in a simple prayer for salvation.
  25. Early and Wheeler teach that if you have been saved then you also have been sent to tell others the Good News.
  26. Early & Wheeler advise that if being yourself doesn’t work in evangelism then pretend to be something else.
  27. According to Pace & Wheeler, a genuine calling is received from Christ.
  28. The Gospel message includes Christ’s:
  29. According to Pace & Wheeler, Incarnational Ministry means to be the hands and feet of Jesus here on earth.
  30. Apologetics is the practice of defending the Christian faith.
  31. Jesus is the best example of using gimmicks and tricks for evangelism.
  32. According to Pace & Wheeler, Incarnational Apologetics is important because the unsaved often need to see it to believe it.
  33. According to Earley & Wheeler, empathetic living is never forgetting how it feels to be lost.
  34. Early & Wheeler explain that the Gospel can change an individual, but It cannot change society.
  35. Earley & Wheeler conclude that Christianity is no di” event than any other religion.
  36. Servant Evangelism should have:
  37. According to Pace & Wheeler, John 4 is an example of Jesus doing personal evangelism.
  38. According to Pace & Wheeler, Servant Evangelism is the same as Random Acts of Kindness.
  39. The person who # first said, “One sow and another reaps.” was:
  40. Pace & Wheeler noted that with apps on phones memorizing the Bible is no longer really necessary.
  41. Pace & Wheeler described Biblical disciple-making as multiplication.
  42. In Chapter 2, Pace & Wheelers suggested a substitute for reading the Bible.
  43. Because you will have trouble # finding a speci#c technique or method, Pace and Wheeler recommend that you do not follow Jesus’ witnessing example with the woman at the well.
  44. Will McRaney shared that we cannot harvest where no seed has been planted.
  45. According to Earley & Wheeler, because of God’s sovereignty, it is not Biblical to pray for people to get saved.
  46. Earley & Wheeler advise always to be honest about the cost of becoming a disciple when witnessing.
  47. Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort advocate reading the 10 Commandments in personal evangelism.
  48. According to Pace & Wheeler, 1 Peter 2:2 teaches that understanding the Bible leads to spiritual maturity.
  49. According to Earley & Wheeler, sharing your testimony is an easy way to build a bridge with others.
  50. According to Earley & Wheeler, the parable of the sower teaches to spread only a little seed because it may get wasted.

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