Purchase Solved GLST 200 Quiz 3 Missionary Call


Purchase Solved GLST 200 Quiz 3 Missionary Call


  1. Which of the following methods did Robert de Nobili use to reach the Hindu people?
  2. Columban, Patrick, and Boniface were missionaries in what period of Christian expansion?
  3. When Paul talked about “completing what was lacking in Christ’s actions” to what was he was referring?
  4. The first cross-cultural missionary team was . . .
  5. In Luke/Acts, nearly every time a person acted as a “witness,” they did so in a ___________ setting.
  6. Together, the Cluny, Cisterian, and allied spiritual movements are called the …
  7. Matteo Ricci was a missionary to what country?
  8. Raymond Lull devoted his life to reaching the __________ people.
  9. Bartholomew Ziegenbalg was a leader of what sending mission?
  10. Comity agreements were agreements intended to prevent multiple agencies from duplicating their efforts in the same region.
  11. Because of the phenomenal advance of the gospel in every geographic area of the globe, the 19th century has often been called…
  12. According to Glasser, Paul saw no relationship between the missionary band and local congregations.
  13. Since the early church, there have always been people of vibrant faith.
  14. Which missionary expounded his strategy in the book Missionary Methods: St. Paul’s or Ours?
  15. Which of the following is NOT a part of the 3-self formula:
  16. What missionary leader started the Moravian Church?
  17. Paul’s mission work was exclusive to the Gentiles.
  18. For the first ten years after the resurrection, the Jewish Christians did not preach the gospel to the gentiles until after Cornelius’ conversion (see Acts 11:19 or Article 23).
  19. Hawthorne argues that the disciples were slow to obey the Great Commission and unfaithful to his command to take the gospel to the nations.
  20. Which of the following defines the meaning of the 3-selfs concept?
  21. What question was decided at the Jerusalem Council in Acts 15?
  22. The Crusades were an effective and valid form of evangelizing Muslims.
  23. Monasticism did nothing to further the advancement of Christianity.
  24. The first instance of a well-developed mission strategy was employed by whom?
  25. Who were the three missionaries to India known as the “Serampore Trio”?

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