Download New GLST 200 Quiz 4 History of Missions


Download New GLST 200 Quiz 4 History of Missions


Module 4: Week 4

  1. What best describes the purpose of Wylie Translators?
  2. The burden for missions in countries such as Brazil, China, Korea, and the Philippines has grown considerably over the past last few decades. The Church in these countries is employing what strategies for missions?
  3. The Western church should be challenged by the commitment of the Church in the “Majority World” to finish the task of world evangelization.
  4. ____________ was a key figure in the first era of Protestant missions (1800-1910).
  5. What best describes J. Hudson Taylor’s “faith principle”?
  6. In America, missions and “manifest destiny” were closely tied together.
  7. According to McGavran, the process in which peoples become Christian as a wave of decision for Christ sweeps through a group is called a…
  8. A coalition of 11 campus ministries and 24 overseas mission agencies working together to mobilize students in Korea, has been an important contributing factor to the rapid growth of cross-cultural Korean missionaries.
  9. What student was responsible for the “Haystack Prayer Meeting”?
  10. One feature of the Moravian Brethren’s missionary efforts is that they faced difficulties and dangers with remarkable courage.
  11. While they were obedient to go, the Moravian Brethren were marked by a begrudging reluctance to take the gospel to unreached peoples.
  12. Who authored An Enquiry into the Obligations of Christians to Use Means for the Conversion of the Heathen?
  13. The protestant movement was distinctly missionary from its beginning.
  14. William Carey, a missionary to India, was concerned only with evangelism and not socio-cultural transformation.
  15. The original purpose of many elite women’s colleges was for training women as foreign missionaries.
  16. Who is called the “Father of Protestant Missions?”
  17. Who founded the Summer Institute of Linguistics?
  18. Samuel Zwemer had a passion for reaching which people group?
  19. Indian missionaries are strictly focused on reaching remote areas, the poor, and foreigners within India’s borders.
  20. Who famously said, “expect great things from God; attempt great things for God”?
  21. The Great Awakening had virtually NO impact on protestant missions efforts.
  22. In The Bridges of God, Donald McGavran argues that people are best won to Christ by evangelizing individuals.
  23. The second era of Protestant missions (1865-1980) primarily operated …
  24. In his “Enquiry…”, what did William Carey consider a VALID reason NOT to take the gospel to the heathens?
  25. The __________________ __________________ Movement was started by Donald McGavran to help the church focus on developing reproducing communities of believers and to help understand how people tend to come to Christ.

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