Download Guided GLST 200 Quiz 5 Culture and Worldview


Download Guided GLST 200 Quiz 5 Culture and Worldview


Module 5: Week 5

  1. Hesselgrave notes three cultures that must be considered for effective missionary communication. Which of the following is NOT one of them?
  2. The culturally structured set of assumptions underlying how a people perceive and respond to reality is called a …
  3. Conveying the stories of the Bible in an oral, sequential pattern is called…
  4. Greenway lists several considerations when doing urban ministry. Which of the following is NOT an issue he mentions?
  5. Only about 10% of the evangelical mission force is doing pioneer work among unreached peoples.
  6. An _________________ is an ethnic group distinguished by its self-identity with traditions of common descent, history, customs, and language.
  7. Today, more than half of the world’s population lives in cities.
  8. The “largest group within which the gospel can spread as a church planting movement without encountering barriers of understanding or acceptance” is called …
  9. ______ percent of individuals in the world live within people with no church.
  10. In anthropology, the concepts of culture and worldview are unrelated.
  11. The percentage of people living among unreached people groups is diminishing.
  12. Oral learners prefer an “abstract” mode of learning.
  13. Two-thirds of all people in the world are literate and prefer to learn through literate communication styles.
  14. Which of the following reasons indicates that the mission’s task remains unfinished?
  15. Contextualization involves changing the Christian message so that the gospel is altered and should thus be avoided.
  16. A(n) ______________ is a relatively small association of peers who have an affinity toward one another based on shared interests, activity, or occupation.
  17. God’s work within a culture never leaves that culture unchanged.
  18. Literate methods are always the best way to reach literate people.
  19. The ___________ compares the cultural distances that potential believers need to move in order to join the nearest church.
  20. What are “Animax” people?
  21. Jesus taught theology through stories.
  22. The mixing of Christian assumptions with those worldview assumptions that are incompatible with Christianity so that the result is not biblical Christianity is called…
  23. are “pre-set” decisions that culture makes between choices commonly faced.
  24. Only one out of every twenty-five people are practicing Christians who are active in their faith.
  25. No effective missions movement can occur among a people until they have a written Bible in their own language.

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