Get Best Liberty University GLST 220 Quiz 1


Get Best Liberty University GLST 220 Quiz 1

Set 1

  1. Examples of design in nature lead many to believe there is a purpose lying behind the This idea is best captured in the term
  2. Neutrons are charged
  3. Which of the following is a “Principle of Life” on which this course in BIOL 101 is based?
  4. Your textbook argues that revealed truth is more than scientific
  5. Many Christians believe that dinosaurs were created approximately 6,000 years ago because soft tissues have been discovered in fossilized T. rex bones. This belief is an example of:
  6. In 2003, Tyrone Hayes proposed that pesticides could be the cause of worldwide amphibian This statement is an example of:
  7. Which of the following statement about atoms is true?
  8. The carbon atom is uniquely suited to building large molecules because it:
  9. Which of the following is a requirement for the growth of a living organism?
  10. Whales communicate over many miles using different frequencies This statement is best described as
  11. A sociologist uses the word “community” to refer to a collection of different sorts of people; a biologist uses the same term to refer to a collection of different
  12. The tiniest, most minuscule bit of a pure elemental substance is
  13. Atoms share electrons unequally in a(n)
  14. DNA is a molecule found in living It is the physical starting point of the principle that
  15. Prayer for a cardiac patient will reduce the severity of hospital intervention during the patient’s This statement
  16. A condensation reaction joins two organic molecules together creating an H+ ion and an – OH These then
  17. A Brazilian student wondered why the leaves began changing colors on the trees in Virginia right around the time of Fall This is an example of:
  18. A macro-molecular structure in the cell is composed of
  19. Which of the following examples from the living world exhibit well-designed structures supporting well-designed functions?
  20. Which of the following sequences of terms moves neatly and sequentially from less complex to more complex?
  21. Neutrons are located within of the
  22. A Bible reader can discover a reason for biological life’s significance by meditating on
  23. A skillful scientist can use a well-asked question to fashion a testable
  24. The best term to describe the electrons that are involved in a covalent bond is that they are
  25. Which of the following structures is potentially the largest and most complex?

Set 2

  1. Match the question to the CQ capability: CQ Knowledge, CQ Drive, CQ Strategy, CQ Action
  2. Understanding intercultural norms and differences best describe
  3. Having the interest, confidence, and drive to adapt cross-culturally best describes.
  4. Almost everyone can become more culturally intelligent.
  5. What is the Sabbath set apart for?
  6. How does Vaughan Roberts define the Kingdom of God?
  7. God had always planned to send Jesus.
  8. Changing verbal and nonverbal actions appropriately when interacting cross-culturally best describes
  9. What do we learn about God in the creation story?
  10. Our primary goal in this course is to equip you to _____
  11. Which of the following is not a sub-dimension of CQ Knowledge?
  12. According to Roberts, which is more important, the spiritual world or the physical world?
  13. Which of the following is not a sub-dimension of CQ Strategy?
  14. An example of cross-cultural communication discussed in the video is:
  15. Match the part of the Grand Narrative story with its summary
  • The Partial Kingdom
  • The Perished Kingdom
  • The Pattern of the Kingdom
  • The Promised Kingdom
  • The Present Kingdom
  • The Perfected Kingdom
  • The Proclaimed Kingdom
  • The Prophesied Kingdom

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