Buy Solved Liberty University GLST 290 Quiz 3


Buy Solved Liberty University GLST 290 Quiz 3

  1. A person who speaks one dialect cannot understand the speaker of a different dialect.
  2. The common ancestor language, or protolanguage, is the root of a
  3. The Sapir-Whorf hypothesis posits that
  4. When speakers in a multilingual context use a simplified form of one language (often a colonial language) as the common language across a region, this language is called a(n)
  5. Language is a system of verbal and nonverbal _________ that people use to _______.
  6. Within a given language, the rules of syntax never change.
  7. Sing is an example of a _____ morpheme.
  8. The term language refers strictly to verbal symbols.
  9. Some languages are inherently superior to other languages.
  10. Whispering is an example of paralanguage.
  11. Which pair are dialects?
  12. Choose the statement that most precisely explains why the word pencil is a symbol.
  13. A language family begins with what anthropologists call a mother tongue.
  14. Biblical Greek reduced its grammatical complexity as it became widely spoken among formerly non-Greek speakers of the ancient world. This is a move toward becoming a(n)
  15. Official languages taught in school usually display the prescriptive grammar considered ideal in that society.

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