Get Guided GOVT 327 Discussion 1


Get Guided GOVT 327 Discussion 1


For this Discussion, interact in a free-flowing discussion on the state of nature and
the impact it had on the design of the U.S. Constitution. In doing so, conclude with a
discussion of how these state-of-nature principles from the Constitution impacted
the role and authority of state and local government. Remember the principle of
federalism, which was so important to the founders, was inherent to ratifying a
constitution that protected the sovereignty of the individual states. These states
were sovereign political entities before the Revolutionary War and therefore sought
to maintain some or most of their sovereignty even as they sought the benefits of
political union.

Remember to also provide thoughts on the state of perfect freedom
and equality.

Describe what you believe to be the difference between the state of
liberty and the state of license and arbitrary power, and address the preservation component of each
individual, and executive power. After this summation and interpretation, identify how you think these concepts impacted the U.S. Constitution and if, at all, these concepts still impact citizens today.

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