Buy Guided Liberty GOVT 329 Final Essay Answers


Buy Guided Liberty GOVT 329 Final Essay Answers

Topic – American Exceptionalism: Religiosity

  • Overview: During Module/Week 8, you will write a final essay discussing the trait of American exceptionalism which you selected during Module/Week 3 in your topic brief.
  • Final Essay Content:
    • Define the trait you selected in your topic brief.
    • Describe how this trait came to be uniquely associated with American culture at the time.
    • Describe how this trait, depending on the virtue or vice of the people, could be a benefit or a detriment to American exceptionalism.
    • Discuss whether or not this trait is still characteristic of modern-day America.
  • Page Length: At least six (6) pages in addition to the title page, abstract page, and bibliography page
  • Sources/Citations: At least ten (10) sources, combining course material and outside material, are required. You must include the sources previously indentified in your topic brief and annotated bibliography.

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