Download Guided INFO 320 Quiz 3


Download Guided INFO 320 Quiz 3

  1. Application-level and enterprise-level business intelligence can be differentiated by:
  2. How is an institution’s vision and strategic plan used as a guide in selecting a new or upgraded healthcare information system?
  3. A downtime risk assessment will be developed based on:
  4. Studying a project’s potential opportunities is part of what area of management?
  5. Components of formal management that align directly with the knowledge of project management process groups, activities, and steps and that are essential to successful delivery include:
  6. Which description best defines the electronic health record (EHR)?
  7. The migration of informatics and telehealth toward uHealth means:
  8. Which phase of the systems development life cycle involves project management and organizing a team?
  9. Financial reporting is a vital part of decision-making in healthcare organizations. Which report would be used to show a snapshot of the bottom line?
  10. The first country to implement ICD-10 codes was:
  11. At which stage of defining requirements are tools for analyzing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats useful?
  12. In a software license, a “response” to a user problem:
  13. Which type of telehealth uses interactive telecommunications technology and/or patient monitoring technologies to connect a provider and patient for direct care?
  14. What is the most important element for operationalizing and ensuring telehealth acceptance by providers?
  15. What is the primary reason to back up data entered into electronic health records?
  16. A fee of 18% of the license fee per year for vendor maintenance and support would be considered:
  17. The overarching purpose of portfolio management is what?
  18. Using SaaS:
  19. Which of the following is true?
  20. If an unplanned total network outage occurs with all systems affected during the week at 1300 hours and there is no estimated time to recovery announced, which downtime level should be assigned?
  21. The four operational and organizational factors that enhance or hinder telehealth are:
  22. An unintended consequence associated with the use of an electronic health system occurs when:
  23. The process of negotiating an agreement for software involves multiple drafts with compromises and adding essentials to the agreement. Vendors provide the standard form for agreement and iterations of drafts proceed multiple times. What are critical steps for the negotiating team to avoid delays and include the HCO requirements in the agreement?
  24. Which system is recommended as a method to address patient safety and reduce errors that occur during the actual administration of medicines?
  25. The clinician specific benefit from the use of an EHR is:
  26. A quality supply chain system supports the operation and management of clinical systems by integrating which three components with the clinical systems?
  27. In a license agreement, the questions of who the users are, whether software can be distributed, and the number of copies that can be run all fall under the category of:
  28. Return on investment (ROI) in financial information systems (FISs) is challenging because:
  29. When compared to the “Best of Breed” approach in selecting healthcare information system architecture, the integrated system:
  30. A process of initiation or preplanning, formal planning, creation and implementation of a plan, and measurement of progress and performance from start to finish.
  31. The development of telemedicine and telehealth across state lines has been most hampered by:
  32. Communication strategies for planned and unplanned downtime in your organization should provide clinicians and support staff enough information, but not too much. A good strategy is a template message explaining:
  33. The highly advanced decision support feature integrated within an electronic information system would support which activity?
  34. When negotiating an agreement between a vendor and the HCO, which entity should write the second draft of the agreement? Which should write the third?
  35. Which would be considered a niche application?
  36. When evaluating responses to an RFP, which consideration would be least useful as part of typical system evaluation criteria?
  37. Contemporary organizations need formal structured change control processes that:
  38. Which government organization manages the largest telehealth program in the United States as of this writing?
  39. Which system is an example of a core clinical application?
  40. Which phase of the systems development life cycle involves reviewing and updating the inventory of information systems, functionality, forms, regulations, interviews, and process flow maps?

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