Purchase Solved JURI 580 Quiz Ethical Delivery


Purchase Solved JURI 580 Quiz Ethical Delivery

  1. The no-additional-compensation rule prohibits partners who are withdrawing from a law firm from receiving additional compensation for services rendered in winding up the partnership business.
  2. When a Lawyer leaves a law firm, which of the following is NOT a step to be taken in giving notice to clients of the departure?
  3. Internet-based document preparation sites are categorically forbidden by the ABA Model Rules and the operation of such a site always constitutes the unauthorized practice of law.
  4. The lawyer employs a paralegal who is highly knowledgeable in the area of estate planning. In fact, a Lawyer often jokes at bar events that his paralegal knows more about estate planning than he does. As a result, the Lawyer often allows the paralegal to interview estate planning clients, develop a preliminary estate plan with the client, give Clients preliminary advice and answer questions regarding the plan, and prepare draft documents for the estate plan. Lawyer reviews all the documents before executing them with the Clients.
  5. Which of the following cases held that departing lawyers may be civilly liable for breach of their fiduciary obligations to their former firms?
  6. There are no restrictions on direct mail advertising related to legal services.
  7. Physical presence in a jurisdiction is the SOLE factor used by courts in determining whether an out-of-state lawyer is practicing in the jurisdiction.
  8. In Gideon v. Wainwright, the United States Supreme Court held that this Constitutional Amendment guarantees an indigent defendant the right to counsel in felony criminal prosecutions.
  9. Rules of ethics have traditionally prevented lawyers from entering into partnerships with nonlawyers.
  10. A lawyer is retiring from the practice of law. Upon retirement, the Lawyer will receive a pension plan from his firm. However, as a condition to receiving money from the pension plan, the Lawyer must agree not to compete with the firm in the practice of law.
  11. Indigent individuals have NO general right to court-appointed counsel in CIVIL cases.
  12. Which of the following refers to a contractual arrangement in which a sponsor contracts with a lawyer or law firm to provide designated legal services to members of a plan?
  13. In which of the following cases did the Supreme Court of the United States outline a Constitutional right for Lawyers to engage in marketing their firms?
  14. States use three basic systems to implement the constitutional right to counsel in criminal cases. Which of the three is principally used in large cities?
  15. Legal services plans refer to contractual arrangements in which the sponsor of the plan contracts with a lawyer or law firm to provide designated legal services to the members of the plan.
  16. In 2016 the ABA Commission on the Future of Legal Services estimated that only 25 percent of individuals are poor and don’t have meaningful access to the legal system.
  17. Indigent defendants have a right to a court-appointed attorney in CIVIL cases.
  18. According to Model Rule 1.17, Lawyers are prohibited from selling a law practice.
  19. Alexander v. Cahill provides further support for the view that advertising rules currently on the books in many states are unconstitutional.
  20. Which of the following is NOT an exception allowing an out-of-state lawyer to provide legal services in a jurisdiction in which they are not admitted on a temporary basis
  21. Under the Model Rules of Professional Conduct, Lawyers do not need to worry about their mental and physical health, so long as they personally believe that they can still represent clients effectively.
  22. Which of the following refers to a partnership, corporation, or other legal entity that includes lawyers and has as one of its purposes the providing of legal services to clients other than itself?
  23. Model Rule 1.2(c) allows lawyers to enter into limited engagement agreements provided the limitation is reasonable under the circumstances and the client gives informed consent.
  24. Lawyers may not use social media to market their law firm.
  25. Under Central Hudson, the government may freely regulate commercial speech that concerns unlawful activity or is misleading.

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