Get Guided LIFC 201 Quiz 1


Get Guided LIFC 201 Quiz 1

  1. Whereas passion drives us forward, vision pulls us forward.
  2. You can’t be a missionary without leaving your home:
  3. What happens when you ignore your passions or let them fade away?
  4. The purpose of coaching is to _____.
  5. “Stepping into the future” involves all of the following EXCEPT for what?
  6. Counseling and psychotherapy have not had an influence on the world of coaching.
  7. Which is true about the concept of BHAGs—big, hairy, audacious goals?
  8. Coaching is a type of __________ that involves urging others to follow their dreams and reach their potential.
  9. The mindset of groupthink involves _____.
  10. Humor is not appropriate in the coaching environment:
  11. Which of the following is NOT true of the ideal vision statement?
  12. A worldview is defined as a personal, internal set of beliefs and assumptions regarding how the world works
  13. During which of the four simplified stages does the client begin to plan how to reach their goal?
  14. When a client does not reach an objective you should ignore their failure:
  15. The miracle question can help to encourage _____.
  16. You should judge your client when truth speaking:
  17. Which of the following is true about coaching
  18. According to the Collins textbook, what is the impact of the internal barrier of a negative mindset?
  19. If a demanding person is draining your energy, then you should ask yourself if helping them is a part of your ministry to God.
  20. During the Energize Stage, it is important to encourage the client to avoid the pain:
  21. What type of questions requires time for reflection?
  22. According to the Collins textbook, what is the impact of the external barrier of criticism from others?
  23. As listed in the Collins textbook, which of the following is NOT a way that coaches help move their clients forward in line with their mission?
  24. Coaching deals with positive psychology, whereas counseling deals with negative psychology.
  25. Goals must be
  26. Questions about obstacles help in answering the question _____.
  27. During which level of listening can you use your own God-given gifts?
  28. Embracers are those who change and try to make change take place.
  29. Hyperactive visionaries rarely fail in bringing about their visions.
  30. A type of Life Coaching is:
  31. We replicate Jesus as the ultimate model for coaching by following his life:
  32. Christian Coaching is similar to counseling, consulting, mentoring because you must have integrity and bring hope and trust:
  33. Which is not true concerning trust?
  34. The goal of stretching is to help clients to think in new ways and consider new options.
  35. According to the Collins textbook, what are some of the common and major mistakes regarding visions?
  36. Coaching is for every kind of individual no matter what race, gender, etc.
  37. A distinguishing factor between Counselors and Coaches is:
  38. In Christian Coaching, change is typically brought about by choice and crisis:
  39. In what ways can we replicate the ultimate Life Coach, Jesus?
  40. Which of the following is NOT one of the guidelines for bringing about lasting change?
  41. When people talk about their passions, they come alive, and they may talk faster, lean forward, or gesture more.
  42. Which of the following is NOT a common characteristic of a clear, God-given vision listed in the Collins textbook?
  43. Which of the following is NOT true of coaching?
  44. “SMART” goals is an acronym for:
  45. Which of the following is NOT true of effective mission statements?
  46. What occurs during the Preparation Stage?
  47. The best leaders have higher levels of emotional and social intelligence.
  48. Each client will have a different learning style:
  49. Concerning vision, which of the following is a part of the coach’s job?
  50. Individuals and organizations may feel stuck when they feel each of the following EXCEPT for what?

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