Get Best NASC 210 Exam 5


Get Best NASC 210 Exam 5

  1. One promising area of autism research involves the proteins neurexin and neuroligin. Which of the following is true about the function of these two proteins?
  2. PTSD is thought to involve both genetic and epigenetic factors.
  3. The brain changes which contribute to addiction occur in parts of the brain called the;
  4. Many of the genes which affect behavior produce proteins that influence;
  5. The definition of drug addiction is seeking and taking a drug despite knowing its dangers.
  6. PTSD is;
  7. Which of the following is true regarding autism?
  8. Neurotransmitters are released across the gap between neurons called the synapse.
  9. Which of the following biblical concepts address the issue of genetics and behavior?
  10. Which of the following should be the view of the Christian public in general and believers involved in the health professions regarding genetics and behavior”?
  11. Which of the following is true about the nicotinic receptor?
  12. Nicotine has been shown to be very addictive most likely because it;
  13. The epigenetic changes found in patients with PTSD involve;
  14. Plant-derived chemicals from drugs such as cocaine, opium, and THC (the active ingredient of marijuana) all tend to cause changes in the human body by binding to;
  15. Clock genes;
  16. When trying to determine genetic conditions using population analysis of many individuals this is called genome-wide association studies (GWA).
  17. A gene called period 2 is involved in promoting a proper sleep-wake cycle coordinated with daily sunrise and sunset.
  18. A likely cause of depression is a deficiency of the neurotransmitter serotonin in synapses.
  19. Which of the following is true about narcolepsy?
  20. The gap or space between neurons is called where neurotransmitters are released is;
  21. This substance is made of fats and proteins and covers nerve cell axons promoting proper nerve cell transmission.
  22. Certain common drugs like nicotine and alcohol at the genetic level;
  23. Two kinds of genetics studies were used to show that there is a genetic basis to intelligence, they are;
  24. Uptake of dopamine into the postsynaptic cell triggers feelings of pleasure.
  25. There may be a genetic and physiological basis for drug addiction but for the believer, we are not to choose what is wrong. Which of the following scriptures help us avoid or break from harmful addictive behavior

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