Get Best Liberty University OBST 640 Quiz 4 


Get Best Liberty University OBST 640 Quiz 4 

  1. According to Hamilton, slavery first appears in the Bible in a curse spoken in response to sin.
  2. According to Hamilton, as we approach the Bible’s presentation of humanity as it relates to slavery and sexism, we must distinguish between the way the world was when God created it good and the way it became after humans sinned and God leveled judgment and curse on both the transgressors and the world they inhabited.
  3. According to Hamilton, many of the New Testament writers were trying to revolutionize the existing social order and renovate social relations.
  4. According to Copan, God’s greater concern was to destroy Canaanite religion, not Canaanites, per se.
  5. According to Copan, driving out or dispossessing is different from wiping out or destroying. Expulsion is in view, not annihilation.
  6. According to Seibert, taking the initiative to question, critique, and sometimes even reject certain portrayals of God is essential if we hope to deal with problematic portrayals of god in the Old Testament.
  7. According to Copan, regarding the Canaanites God was concerned with sin, not ethnicity.
  8. According to Copan, God’s overarching goal was to bring blessings and salvation to all the nations, including the Canaanites, through Abraham.
  9. According to Seibert, he rejects those who portray his method as Marcionism.
  10. According to Hamilton, both sexism and slavery are a distortion of something good.

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