Buy New OBST 680 Quiz 2


Buy New OBST 680 Quiz 2

OBST 680 Quiz 2: Use of Scripture in Paul’s Letters

  1. Why does the expected Judah-king need to tie his donkey to a vine?
  2. How do many interpreters understand the shelter of David in Amos 9:11?
  3. What did they debate at the Jerusalem council?
  4. What is the advantage of using academic-level commentaries on the scriptures?
  5. Why does the cursing of the fig tree frame the account of Messiah’s cleaning of the temple in Mark?
  6. What is the purpose of responsible research for scripture interpretation?
  7. Does Matthew use the Hebrew text or Septuagint when he quotes the Old Testament?
  8. What does “Septuagint” refer to?
  9. How does the statement “the one who is” in Revelation 1:4 line up with Exodus 3:14?
  10. To whom does Paul apply Hosea’s message “my people”?
  11. What seems to be the stone in Isaiah 28?
  12. Which of Paul’s letters have the most scriptural citations?
  13. Why do some reject calling the scriptures Paul cited the “Hebrew Bible”?
  14. In addition to direct quotations, according to Moyise, how many times do Paul’s letters make allusions to Old
  15. What does it mean to refer to a citation of scripture as “marked”?
  16. According to Moyise, what is an implication of Paul’s statement that scriptures are the oracles of God in Romans 3:2?
  17. Which part of the Judaic canon was most debated in Paul’s day?
  18. What is(are) the element(s) in the Christ-event which gave Paul new eyes to interpret scripture?
  19. How many times does Paul quote from the biblical creation narratives?
  20. What might 1 Timothy 2:14 mean by saying Adam was not deceived but the woman was deceived?
  21. What is unusual about Paul’s Adam-Christ typology in Romans 5?
  22. What is one of the implications of “the first man Adam became a living being and the last Adam a life-giving spirit” in
  23. What is the logic in saying Paul’s view of Christ as a savior shaped his views of the human condition?
  24. What is the device Paul uses to explain the term for “reckon” in Genesis 15:6 in Romans 4?
  25. How does Paul use the circumcision of Abraham in Romans 4?
  26. Who else in addition to Paul interpreted Ishmael “playing” in Genesis 21 as persecuting Isaac?
  27. According to Paul, what is the basis of the inclusion of gentiles with the descendants of Abraham in Romans 4?
  28. Where may the tradition of angels at Sinai to which Paul alludes in Galatians 3 come from?
  29. According to Moyise, what text does Paul likely allude to when he says the Spirit wrote on the human heart in 2
  30. According to Moyise, what is impossible about the interpretation of Christ as the rock in the wilderness in 1
  31. What is an implication of Christ as the “telos” of the law in Romans 10:4?
  32. How do the ten commandments create a challenge to the traditional division between moral and ceremonial law?
  33. What evidence supports the claim that Paul is contrasting Leviticus 18:5 and Habakkuk 2:4 in Galatians 3:11-12?
  34. What does Richard Hays argue to support the claim that Paul’s doctrine of justification refers to the faithfulness of
  35. How was Paul’s use of law explained in the Reformation?
  36. How many times does Paul explicitly cite Isaiah?
  37. How does Paul expand the sense of “saved” in Joel 2:32 which referred to the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem when he
  38. What evidence led to the testimony hypothesis for the New Testament use of scripture?
  39. Why may Paul have changed the singular messenger to plural in his use of Isaiah 52:7 (how beautiful are the feet of the
  40. How does Paul answer the question he raises in Romans 3:3 (Will their unfaithfulness nullify the faithfulness of God)?
  41. How does Paul change the subject of Isaiah 65:1 in Romans 10:21 when Isaiah 65:1 and 65:2 refer to the same subject?
  42. What is the traditional Jewish view of the pilgrimage of the nations in Isaiah 2:2-4?
  43. What does Peter’s use of Hosea 2:23 in 1 Peter 2:10 (once you were not a people) share in common with Paul’s use of this
  44. What word does Paul add to his citation of Isaiah 28:16 in Romans 10:11 to demonstrate that the gospel is for the
  45. What passage does Paul use to dispel any notion of pride before God in 1 Corinthians 1:31?
  46. What is the purpose of Paul citing Isaiah 45:22 (every knee shall bow) in Romans 14:11?
  47. What is the purpose of Paul citing Isaiah 45:22 (every knee shall bow) in Philippians 2:10?
  48. According to Moyise, overall how does Paul use the Psalms?
  49. What does Paul understand by allusion to Psalm 8:6 as “all things in subjection” in 1 Corinthians 15:25-26?
  50. According to Moyise, who does Paul think “I” refers to in his use of Psalm 18:49 in Romans 15:9?
  51. For readers familiar with Psalm 112, who would they understand Paul to be referring to in his use of Psalm 112:9?
  52. According to Barrett, how does Paul use the “burning coals” of Proverbs 25:22 in Romans 12:20?
  53. What does the psalmist refer to by “you have put all things under their feet” in Psalm 8:6?
  54. What figure of speech characterizes Paul’s use of Psalm 51:4 in Romans 3:4?
  55. According to Moyise, why may Paul have connected Isaiah 29:10 with Psalm 69:2-3 in Romans 11:7?
  56. What is Paul’s innovation in his use of Psalm 14:1-3 in Romans 3:10-12?
  57. How does John Paul Heil regard the surrounding context of the scriptural passages cited by Paul?
  58. According to Richard Hays, why does Paul allude to Job 13:16 (this will turn out for my deliverance) in Philippians
  59. Who does the Damascus Document (CD) identify as the expected king?
  60. How does the Dead Sea Scrolls Habakkuk commentary (1QpHab) apply to Habakkuk 2:4 (but the righteous shall live by
  61. What are two ways that interpreters have explained the logic of Paul’s use of Deuteronomy 25:4 in 1 Corinthians 9:9-

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