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Buy Best Liberty OTCL 505 Quiz

  1. Which archaeological age spans the years 1200-586 BCE and roughly corresponds with the rise of biblical Israel?
  2. What was the first place writing appeared in the Ancient Near East (ANE)?
  3. The _______________ principle of writing uses a “symbol for sound” system.
  4. _______________was the mining location in the Sinai where the transition from hieroglyphs to an acrophonic system occurred?
  5. The main feature which led Sir Alan Gardiner to discover the transition from hieroglyphs to the acrophonic system was the repetition of a four-character word.
  6. King Hezekiah of Israel is mentioned in the Tel Dan inscription.
  7. Four writing systems in the ANE transitioned from the pictographic to the acrophonic system of writing at about the same time near the end of the second millennium BC.
  8. Hezekiah’s tunnel connects the Pool of Siloam with the Holy of Holies.
  9. The _______________ is another name for the City of David south of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.
  10. The biblical city of Gath was where the Goliath inscription was found.

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