Download New PACO 504 Exam 3


Download New PACO 504 Exam 3

  1. ______ entails altering the expression of one’s racial/ethnic identity depending upon the environmental context.
  2. The majority of U.S. Latinas/os self-identify as
  3. Compared to non-European immigrants, the process of immigration to the United States for Europeans
  4. ____ of Arab Americans have a high school diploma and over ____ have a bachelor’s degree.
  5. According to Sue (2004), ethnocentric monoculturalism refers to
  6. The Tydings-McDuffie Act of 1934
  7. S. Latinas/os currently account for about __________ of the U.S. population.
  8. __________ would be considered a “grief and loss” concern for U.S. Latinas/os.
  9. When assessing a multiracial child’s presenting concerns, the counselor should consider
  10. The _______ domain of the Multicultural and Social Justice Counseling Competencies requires that counselors be self-aware, knowledgeable, skilled, and action-oriented in understanding the impact and influence of the counseling relationship.
  11. Immigrants who are granted temporary legal status upon being classified as “refugees” are eligible for permanent legal status upon
  12. Which of the following statements is FALSE for the general U.S. Latina/o population? On average,
  13. All of the following factors facilitate the invisibility of systemic and systematic oppression EXCEPT
  14. Which of the following is NOT among the Five Pillars of Islam?
  15. When working with recent European immigrants, counselors should
  16. Asian Americans experienced discrimination in the form of
  17. Which of the following organizations lobbied for a multiracial category for the 2000 U.S. Census?
  18. Major religious groups coexisting in the Arab Middle East include each of the following EXCEPT
  19. _____ is the Pillar of Islam regarding the pilgrimage to Mecca.
  20. Asian Americans tend to value
  21. Which of the following resources for counselors focus on affirming and empowering multiracial individuals?
  22. Growth in the American middle class following World War II is most clearly related to
  23. The ______, which based immigration on family reunification rather than national origins quotas, resulted in an 800% increase in the number of Asian immigrants since 1970.
  24. _______ is concerned with the perception of one’s multiple racial identities as unique and separate from one another.
  25. _____ is indicative of multiracial individuals’ quest to find and connect with others with whom they share similar worldview experiences and values.

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