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Get Guided Liberty PHSC 211 Final

  1. Notable upwelling occurs along the
  2. Three mechanisms of heat transfer include conduction, convection, and
  3. S waves are faster seismic waves than P
  4. Where warm air is moving into an area occupied by cold air, a warm front
  5. The amount of moisture in the air compared to the amount of moisture the air has the capacity to hold at a given temperature is known as relative
  6. Contour lines never divide or
  7. The 0o latitude line is also known as the Prime
  8. mT air masses typically form over the
  9. The sun has the most tidal influence on the
  10. The layer of the ocean where salinity changes rapidly with depth is known as the
  11. Submergent coastlines are typically low-energy
  12. Three forces work on a moving parcel of These include the Coriolis force, pressure gradient force, and
  13. fog forms when air is forced uphill, whereupon it expands and
  14. waves are seismic surface waves that move in a rolling motion along the
  15. When someone refers to a mT air mass, to what are they referring?
  16. If the environmental lapse rate (ELR) is > 10oC/km, then the atmosphere would be considered
  17. Most topographic maps of places within the United States are published by the
  18. Which of the following is NOT true regarding cumulonimbus clouds?
  19. All of the following are major features of a coastal region EXCEPT:
  20. The transfer of heat by the movement of mass or fluid is called
  21. Sediment transported by longshore current is called
  22. As a parcel of air rises, it typically and
  23. The instrument used to record earthquake vibrations is called a(n)
  24. The 0-degree longitude line or Prime Meridian runs through which town?
  25. As the temperature of seawater increases (assuming all other properties remain the same), its density
  26. One inch on 1:50,000 scale represents what distance on the ground in miles?
  27. Which of the following azimuth bearings equals the compass bearing S10E?
  28. The gravitational force of is the main force involved in creating the tidal bulge on
  29. If an earthquake epicenter were 5500 away from your seismic station, what would be the difference in P and S wave arrival times at this station? See the Time Travel Curves for P and S Waves in your lab manual.
  30. Which of the following waves propagates much like a sound wave?
  31. Which of the following is NOT a rule for contour lines?
  32. A front is indicated by a red line with half circles on one
  33. In the Southern Hemisphere, Coriolis force deflects air to the
  34. Hadley Cells are found
  35. The layer of the ocean where temperature changes rapidly with depth is known as the
  36. The Southeasterly Trades blow
  37. Which of following is an eastern boundary current?
  38. Which of the following seismic waves is the fastest?
  39. According to the following station plot (and assuming the top of the page is north), from what direction is the wind blowing?(Figure: A World of Weather: Fundamentals of Meteorology, 5th Edition by Lee Grenci and Jon M. Nese. Copyright © 2010 by Kendall Hunt Publishing Company. Reprinted by permission.)
  40. Latitude readings range from 0 degrees to a maximum of
  41. A mP air mass is characterized by
  42. Wave base equals
  43. Wave height depends on which of the following?
  44. If the highest tide in a 24-hour period is recorded at 5 feet and the lowest tide in the same period is recorded at 1.5 feet, what is the tidal range?
  45. If a parcel of seawater is at 10oC and has a salinity of 4 PSU, its density is roughly
  46. Which of the following does NOT characterize a cold front?
  47. If only two seismic stations gather data on a particular earthquake, the earthquake’s epicenter can only be narrowed down to
  48. There is a net heat loss at what latitudes on the earth’s surface?
  49. When warm, moist air moves over a cold surface, fog forms.
  50. When the sun, moon, and earth are all aligned astronomically, what kind of tides are produced?

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