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  1. The specific heat capacity of water is about twice the specific heat capacity of ice. From this information, the amount of heat required to boil 1 kg of water is the amount of heat required to melt 1 kg of ice.
  2. “Firewalkers” step on the hot ashes and coals from a wood fire without getting their feet burned. How might this be possible?
  3. A key is placed in a hot oven and warmed to 100°C. As a result
  4. A device that makes use of a bimetallic strip is
  5. An example of a heat mover is
  6. The Eiffel tower in Paris is made primarily of iron, whose coefficient of linear expansion is about 10 × 10−6/°C. On a cold day when the temperature is –10°C the Eiffel tower is 300 meters tall. Its height on a hot day when the temperature is 40°C is
  7. A bimetallic strip is usable as a thermometer because of
  8. The temperature of a gas can be increased by
  9. Natural processes tend to increase the of thermodynamic systems.
  10. Air at a temperature of 32° F has a relative humidity of 60%. If the temperature of the same air rises to 40° F, the relative humidity
  11. A 1 kg block of ice is removed from a freezer where its temperature was –
  12. 10°C. The amount of heat absorbed by the ice as it warms to 0°C is
  13. When ice melts, its temperature
  14. A piece of chocolate melts in your mouth. This is an example of
  15. When droplets of condensation form on the outside of a glass of ice water, it must be in the air right next to the glass
  16. A piston compresses a gas, while at the same time, heat is lost to the surroundings. The temperature of the gas rises. The amount of temperature rise is governed by
  17. Air at a temperature of 32°F has a relative humidity of 60%. If the temperature of the same air increases, the relative humidity increases.
  18. The dew point is the temperature at which a given humidity equals the saturation density.
  19. A bimetallic strip is usable in a thermometer because of its heat capacity.
  20. You feel warm from the Sun at the beach because of heat radiation.
  21. A hot pizza contains heat.
  22. A bimetallic strip is formed from two materials that have different heat capacities.
  23. Heat is transferred from a substance if it is exposed to something that has a lower temperature.
  24. A barometer can work because of a bimetallic strip.
  25. A steam turbine is an example of a heat mover.
  26. A refrigerator is an example of a heat mover.
  27. Select the closest matching pairs possible. 3 pts for each response. The titanium shell of an SR-71 airplane would expand when flying at a speed exceeding 3 times the speed of sound. If the skin of the plane is 400 degrees C and the linear coefficient of expansion for titanium is 5×10 -6 /C when flying at 3 times the speed of sound, how much would a 10-meter long (originally at 0C) rod portion (1-dimension) of the airplane expand? Write your final answer in centimeters and show all of your work.

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