Purchase Solved PHYS 101 Quiz 6


Purchase Solved Liberty PHYS 101 Quiz 6

  1. What is the symbol traditionally used to represent wavelength?
  2. When a force F stretches a rope of mass per unit length ρ, the velocity of a wave in the rope is given by
  3. You drop a rock in a pond, and the water waves travel away from the rock with a certain speed. You drop a heavier rock in the water. The speed of the waves in the water from the heavier rock
  4. A source emits sound at a fixed constant frequency f.
  5. The maximum displacement of points on a wave from the equilibrium position is the wave’s
  6. If a source of sound is traveling toward you, the speed of the sound waves reaching you is the speed the sound waves would have had if the source were stationary.
  7. Doppler radar can
  8. The 3rd harmonic of a complex tone has a frequency of 1,200 Hz. The frequency of the tone is
  9. When two identical waves arrive at the same place in the phase, there is
  10. You can hear sound through an open window from sources that are not in your line of sight because of
  11. What frequency of sound traveling in air at 40 oC has a wavelength of 0.50 m?
  12. You are on an island where a huge explosion at a distance of 500 miles away can be heard. How long (in seconds) does it take the sound to travel to your location? Assume the temperature of the air is
  13. Combining two sounds of equal intensity will give a sound level
  14. than the sound level due to just one of them.
  15. The wavelength of a wave multiplied by the frequency of the wave is the wave’s
  16. If one lawn mower causes an 80-dB sound level at a point nearby, four lawnmowers together would cause a sound level of at that point.
  17. A sound with ten times the amplitude of another sound is judged to be ten times as loud.
  18. When the frequency of the source of a water wave increases, the speed of the waves traveling in the water increases.
  19. A source emits sound at a fixed constant frequency f.
  20. When the frequency of the source of a water wave increases, the distance between successive peaks in the wave increases.
  21. Regions of a longitudinal wave where the particles of the medium are squeezed together are called compressions.
  22. The flash from a camera is an example of a continuous wave.
  23. Two uses of ultrasound are navigation by bats and controlling insects.
  24. A source emits sound at a fixed constant frequency f.
  25. Two speakers in a stereo emit identical pure tones. As you move around in front of the speakers, you hear the sound alternating between loud and zero. This occurs because of diffraction.
  26. A sound wave in a metal bar is an example of a longitudinal wave.
  27. Select the closest matching pairs possible. 3 pts for each response.

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