Download New PPOG 502 Midterm Exam


Download New Liberty University PPOG 502 Midterm Exam

  1. Gwartney et al. say that if “private owners fail to maintain their property or if they allow it to be abused or damaged, they will bear the consequences in the form of a decline in the property’s value.” This implies that
  2. According to Sowell, poor countries can best increase their economic growth rates by welcoming
  3. When the money supply expands rapidly, the result is most likely to be:
  4. Major reductions in income tax rates in the US, in the 1920s, the mid-1960s, and the 1980s, were immediately followed by
  5. Mises argued in the assigned reading that
  6. Among the effects of rent control policies are:
  7. Adam Smith said that the individual “intends only his gain, and he is… led by an invisible hand to promote an end which was not part of his intention.” By this, Smith meant that
  8. According to Gwartney et al., various “doomsday” forecasts predicting resource exhaustion have tended to be wrong because
  9. According to Sowell, which of the following is the most significant reason that developing countries have lingered in poverty?
  10. Gwartney et al. say that “just one indicator, __________________, spontaneously carries so much information that it guides buyers and sellers to make decisions that help both obtain what they want.
  11. Setting maximum prices tends to:
  12. According to Gwartney et al., when the government spends money on a project, such as a high-speed train linking San Diego and San Francisco, the result will likely be
  13. Trade with countries that have far lower wages than the US will tend to
  14. According to Mises, efforts to control prices during the French Revolution
  15. If the equilibrium price of gasoline is $4 and the price at this moment is $3, then the result will be
  16. According to Gwartney et al., a special interest group will be most effective in gaining what they want politically if
  17. Public goods have two characteristics. They are:
  18. Contrasting Japan, Germany, Switzerland, and Sweden with Spain, Sowell points out that:
  19. When governments impose price floors, such as a minimum price for milk,
  20. Mises advocated
  21. Mises mentions the Roman emperor Diocletian who mixed more and more inexpensive copper into the silver coinage. The result of this practice was:
  22. Mises, in the assigned reading, says that the only legitimate function is:
  23. The Economic Freedom of the World index shows that higher levels of economic freedom are correlated with
  24. The bribery, kickbacks, favoritism, and other corruption caused by the involvement of the government in the market leads to a system referred to by Gwartney et al. as:
  25. All of the following would be examples of public goods except:
  26. What impact will restrictions on imports into the US have on exports from the US to other countries? Explain.
  27. Suppose you read the following: “I believe that a man with a helmet defending his country should make more money than a man with a helmet defending a football.” Explain why professional football players tend to earn much more than professional soldiers.
  28. Suppose a city tries to address the rising cost of housing by imposing rent controls. Will this make housing more readily available? Explain.
  29. Thomas Sowell points out in the assigned reading that the extent to which governments facilitate and record property rights has an impact on economic growth rates. Explain this briefly.
  30. The Food and Drug Administration’s regulations require that new drugs be subjected to a costly testing process by the administration to determine if they are safe and effective before releasing the drugs to the public. Describe the opportunity costs of this drug testing. Could the testing result in lives lost?

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