Purchase Solved PPOG 503 Short Research Paper 1


Purchase Solved Liberty PPOG 503 Short Research Paper 1


For Short Research Paper 1, answer the following question:

“How do the concepts of Natural and Revealed Law affect American Political Philosophy?”

Be sure to mention Augustine, Aquinas, or Maimonides (the Natural and Revealed Law philosophers studied in Module/Week 2), and include some excerpts of their writings from the course text with references.

Also, include some excerpts from the writings of the American Founders, such as the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Federalist Papers.



This paper focuses more on the law domain. This is with respect to various dimensions such as religion, for example, Christianity and Islam. The paper seeks to address various law aspects and their impacts in religious settings. A good example is the definition of how natural law has been applied in the religious context.

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