Buy Guided PSYC 309 Exam 1


Buy Guided Liberty University PSYC 309 Exam 1

  1. The Bible teaches procreation as the only purpose of sexual union.
  2. What is the primary importance of sociocultural influence on sexuality?
  3. Friesen (1989) teaches parents to:
  4. A balanced sexual self should begin in the context of:
  5. Which approach to sexuality proposes that only one factor is necessary to explain a phenomenon?
  6. Freud used the term “latency” for the developmental stage between the ages of:
  7. “Free sex” morality was reexamined due to the rise of:
  8. The sexual revolution that began redefining gender roles began during which decade?
  9. Which factors are most crucial in establishing sexuality early in life?
  10. Which factors are most crucial in establishing sexuality as a child matures?
  11. The two major explanations of the origin of male nonrelational sexuality are:
  12. The second principle of authentic sexuality is that placing blame or shame can lead to renewed hope.
  13. Gender or gender role refers to one’s gender identity as defined by.
  14. How can a parent normalize their young child’s interest in sex?
  15. Stanley Gretz (2001) states that is the most essential way humans are created in the image of God.
  16. The case is the most well-known case of sex reassignment gone wrong.
  17. Sexuality is nonessential to the creative act of God.
  18. According to Schnarch (1991), a person’s capacity for sexual intimacy is directly related to that person’s degree of.
  19. Jankowiak’s (2006) studies of polygamous societies found that:
  20. The double standard for male and female sexual expression began during the
  21. The third principle for an authentic sexual relationship is that personal resources and gifts are used for what purpose?
  22. Sexual identity is defined as:
  23. One’s ability to leave their father and mother and rightly cleave to their spouse is known as :
  24. Sexuality and spirituality are intricately connected.
  25. Differentiation between male and female connotes:
  26. Sexual lust and intercourse were the original sins of Adam and Eve.
  27. The 1980s were characterized by:
  28. is the natural human response occurring when a  person does something wrong, relaying the message that one has not just done something wrong, but keeps inside the person is flawed and can never measure up?
  29. The Christian model for human relationships is based on:
  30. Characteristics of healthy family sexuality according to Maddock and Larson (1975) include all of the following EXCEPT:
  31. What is the first principle of an authentic sexual relationship?
  32. Sexual formation and development is a
  33. Firestone and Catlett’s (2006) determined the role of which parent is more important in a child’s sexual development.
  34. Social scientists believe that human sexuality develops according to.
  35. The dominant characteristic of Trinitarian relationality is.
  36. The authors believe that the Scriptures support sexual intercourse in the context of the marital covenant for what purpose?
  37. The sexual liberation following World War II introduced the premarital sexual standard.
  38. Females born with the absences of one X chromosome have a chromosomal abnormality known as:
  39. The current cultural attitude toward sexuality reflects the tension between sexual liberation.
  40. Who is often faulted for the strong belief in body/soul dualism within the church?

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