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  1. Friesen (1989) teaches parents to:
  2. Jones and Yarhouse’s (2007) longitudinal study found that.
  3. Who is often faulted for the strong belief in body/soul dualism within the church?
  4. Sexuality and spirituality are intricately connected.
  5. During which decade did the majority of healthcare professionals start viewing
  6. homosexual orientation as a fact of life rather than a treatable problem?
  7. The authors believe that the Scriptures support sexual intercourse in the context of the marital covenant for what purpose?
  8. Therapeutic approaches to homosexuality emphasize.
  9. The Bible teaches procreation as the only purpose of sexual union.
  10. is the natural human response occurring when a  person does something wrong, relaying the message that one has not just done something wrong, but keeps inside the person is flawed and can never measure up?
  11. According to the authors, a person with a homosexual orientation is not responsible for sexual desire any more than a heterosexual person is responsible for their sexual desire for an opposite-sex person.
  12. During which period was the distinction commonly made between homosexual orientation and homosexual behavior?
  13. The first biblical reference to homosexual behavior is found in the story of.
  14. According to Schnarch (1991), a person’s capacity for sexual intimacy is directly related to that person’s degree of.
  15. Researchers estimate that the actual percentage of homosexual individuals in the American population is more than the 10% reported in the Kinsey Reports (1948, 1953).
  16. Which of the following is a term used to describe individuals who cross-culturally defined categories of sex and gender?
  17. Research has found the theory that homosexual individuals have increased levels of androgen.
  18. The Christian model for human relationships is based on:
  19. One’s ability to leave their father and mother and rightly cleave to their spouse is known as :
  20. The dominant characteristic of Trinitarian relationality is.
  21. Differentiation between male and female connotes:
  22. Characteristics of healthy family sexuality according to Maddock and Larson (1975) include all of the following EXCEPT:
  23. The Bible makes definite statements about homosexual behavior rather than homosexual orientation.
    1. in Leviticus addresses same-gender sexual behavior.
  24. Research indicates that homosexual youths are likely to attempt suicide.
  25. Sexuality is nonessential to the creative act of God.
  26. Sexual lust and intercourse were the original sins of Adam and Eve.
  27. Who developed the developmental theory of sexual orientation that is based on five sequential causal antecedents?
  28. All of the following are social learning theories of homosexuality EXCEPT:
  29. Defensive detachment is marked by a(n) relationship with the same-sex parent who is present in the home.
  30. Redemptive ministries that are based on a biblical model emphasize working toward God’s design for heterosexual marriage.
  31. A balanced sexual self should begin in the context of:
  32. The second principle of authentic sexuality is that placing blame or shame can lead to renewed hope.
  33. The third principle for an authentic sexual relationship is that personal resources and gifts are used for what purpose?
  34. The theology of the gay church is decided.
  35. Oedipus or Electra complexes occur during which stage of development according to psychoanalytic theory?
  36. Which type of therapy focuses on developing emotional connection and intimacy with the therapist, along with behavior strategies to change attitudes and modify behavior?
  37. Stanley Gretz (2001) states that is the most essential way humans are created in the image of God.
  38. Social scientists believe that human sexuality develops according to.
  39. What is the first principle of an authentic sexual relationship?
  40. The alternation responses to homosexuality range from one extreme of “sex as recreation” to the other extreme.

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