Download Guided PSYC 365 Quiz 3


Download Guided Liberty University PSYC 365 Quiz 3

  1. Which one of the following best illustrates cognitive modeling?
  2. Listed below are four reasons why students might not want to take their schoolwork seriously or try very hard to succeed at classroom tasks. Which one of these reasons is most clearly consistent with the concept of self-efficacy?
  3. Social cognitive theory can best be characterized as being concerned with learning:
  4. Three of the following alternatives depict situations in which a teacher is facilitating the retention component of modeling. Which one does notdepict such a situation?
  5. Which one of the following examples best illustrates social cognitive theorists’ concept of personal agency in learning and behavior?
  6. Trudy makes an obscene gesture in class, and the teacher punishes her severely. Other students in class observe both the gesture and the punishment. Based on social cognitive theory, what can we guess about what those other students have learned and how they are likely to behave in the future?
  7. Bandura proposes that three of the following conditions are necessary for modeling to occur. Which one is not necessary?
  8. Early behaviorists argued that because thinking cannot be observed, it cannot be studied objectively and scientifically. How would a cognitive psychologist be most likely to respond to this argument?
  9. Mark needs to learn the planets of the solar system listed in the order of their proximity to the sun: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. If we consider the serial learning curve, which planets will probably be the most difficult for Mark to learn?
  10. Which one of the following is the best example of serial learning?
  11. In a series of experiments, Tolman investigated the role of reinforcement in learning. Which one of the following conclusions emerged from his research?
  12. McDevitt’s class has learned how to calculate the area of a rectangle. Ms. McDevitt then asks Teresa how to calculate the area of a square. Which one of the following alternatives best describes the Gestalt perspective of how Teresa would solve this problem?
  13. Frank sees an egg-shaped ball that he later “remembers” as being perfectly round. Frank’s mistaken recollection is an example of the Gestalt principle of:
  14. People are more likely to perceive this configuration of shapes as four rows rather than as four columns: Which one of the following Gestaltist concepts best accounts for this phenomenon?
  15. Several learning principles emerged from early verbal learning research. Which one of the following statements contradicts what verbal learning theorists found?

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