Buy Guided PSYC 420 Quiz Enemies


Buy Guided PSYC 420 Quiz Enemies

PSYC 420 Quiz: Enemies and Spies

  1. What does MacArthur use to support his claim that Scripture is sufficient for psychological well-being?
  2. According to Entwistle, what are the telos of the colonialist model?
  3. According to Entwistle, what is the goal of a foreign spy?
  4. What is the basic presupposition of the Nouthetic counseling movement?
  5. The example Entwistle gives with the issue of anger illustrates that each of the 5 models of integration
  6. Religiously committed espionage is characterized by
  7. Christianity as salvation from low self-esteem (as promulgated by Peale) would be an example of
  8. The example Entwistle gives with the issue of anger illustrates that each of the 5 models of integration
  9. Entwistle begins chapter 8 by using a __________ to illustrate how people represent something they are trying to understand.
  10. Foreign spies are
  11. How did Entwistle commend Freud and Ellis despite their views against religion?
  12. What is the cause of pathology, according to Nouthetic Counseling?
  13. The main idea of the Colonialist model is
  14. The goal of compassion is held by the _____________ approach(es) to philosophical anthropology.
  15. In the Spies model of integration, espionage is defined as
  16. Christian combatants think that if a Christian turns to psychology for the help of any kind, that person
  17. Jay Adams perceived the church as an enemy of psychology in a territorial dispute.
  18. How does Entwistle define a spy?
  19. Colonialists interact with psychology by
  20. Ally’s model of integration holds what belief about truth?
  21. Conducting research from a uniquely Christian perspective rather than the flawed secular values of modern psychological paradigms would be the task of someone from which model?
  22. Francis Bacon says that God’s Word reveals His ___________, and God’s Work reveals His
  23. John Street, one of MacArthur’s followers, came to what conclusion about the relationship between psychology and theology?
  24. How does Abraham Maslow’s posthumously-published journal emphasize the importance of understanding one’s biases and assumptions to elucidate one’s worldview?
  25. In practice, Nouthetic counseling would be considered
  26. In Freud’s view, psychological and sociological forces are responsible for our belief in God, who is “an exalted father.”
  27. Which of the following is NOT a methodology employed by the theological approach to philosophical anthropology?
  28. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of Christian combatants?
  29. Why must we be aware of our presuppositions and those of the theorists as we begin to understand their models of integration?
  30. Where did the world come from? What’s the nature of the world? What is the structure of the world? These are all questions.

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