Get Solved PSYC 420 Quiz Summary


Get Solved PSYC 420 Quiz Summary

  1. The _________ perspective focuses on the present, active work of the Holy Spirit in people’s lives.
  2. Each time Andrew encounters an apparent discrepancy between theology and psychology, he re-examines the data, methodologies, and reasoning of each discipline to see if one claim is better grounded than another. He practices integration as
  3. Considering the video about pursuing truth, which of the following statements about psychology and theology is most accurate?
  4. In social science, there is strong empirical evidence for sociocultural influences on different expectations for the appropriate roles and behaviors of men and women. In theology, there are certain isolated biblical passages that describe what women should wear and how they should act in worship services (i.e., wearing head coverings and not speaking during worship). According to the faithful reading perspective,
  5. Why do personality theories overlap with theology?
  6. According to the Moving Forward video, finishing this course means that
  7. What argument does Dr. Matt Phelps make against the perception that human limitation is negative?
  8. When Brianne, an industrial/organizational psychologist, encounters an apparent discrepancy between theology and psychology, she will side with the Bible every time. She practices integration as
  9. Some social scientific research on body art has shown that it enhances emotional health (but there is other research linking it with negative outcomes). Modern Bible translations mention tattoos only in Leviticus 19:28, where it seems like the practice is condemned. A closer reading of the context, however, would seem to suggest that scarification, rather than the modern practice of tattooing, is the problem. Still, Christians are divided on the issue. According to the faithful reading perspective,
  10. According to Entwistle, why is integration such a daunting task?
  11. Evaluation of Maslow’s and Rogers’ theories would lead us to what conclusion?
  12. Integration as prima Scriptura is
  13. A focus on the sacramental view of life is a strength of the _________ perspective.
  14. Which perspective of integration emphasizes faith and living more than faith and learning?
  15. Which of the following is NOT the role of a Christian professional counselor, according to Kirstin Magnuson?
  16. The Moving Forward video noted the importance of “tentative certainty,” which means
  17. The dominant evangelical models of integration have typically come from which perspective?
  18. In several areas, Scripture asserts that humans are fallen and prone to sin. One psychological approach, humanistic psychology, asserts that people are basically good and simply need to uncover the good inside. The empirical evidence for this position is questionable. Thus, in this situation, according to the faithful reading perspective,
  19. According to Kirstin Magnuson, what integration looks like in a professional counseling setting is driven by
  20. In what stage of Farnsworth’s stages of disciplinary integration do we compare the conclusions of theology and psychology?
  21. Which of the following statements is true concerning what the Bible says about happiness?
  22. How does Entwistle describe the focus of integration in regard to creating, maintaining, adapting, or eliminating theoretical integration?
  23. Entwistle relates a story about a woman with hallucinations who was “healed” at a “healing service.” According to Entwistle, what does the pastor fail to recognize about personhood?
  24. A drawback of the faithful reading perspective is that
  25. According to Entwistle, integration should ultimately be
  26. According to Entwistle, the integration of psychology and Christianity will look different, based upon a Christian’s
  27. What were Ben-Shahar’s thoughts about happiness?
  28. Which of the following statements is true concerning what the Bible says about happiness?
  29. In which perspective do Scripture, reason, tradition, and experience provide a framework for understanding truth?
  30. What Polish dish did the author state his wife was taught to make?

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